First details on next-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter uncovered

Next-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter teaser The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been a long-time favorite for commercial fleets around the world, & the U.S. has been the number 2 market behind Germany for parent automaker, Daimler.
Ahead of its launch following year, Mercedes-Benz today took to the North American Commercial car display in Atlanta to provide the premier details on the next-generation Sprinter van.
Notably, the brand launched a design sketch to serve as a teaser to the produce van’s design.
For the generality part, the design seems to follow the Vision Van concept’s design motif, & the headlights & grille match spy bullets of the next-generation Sprinter as well.
The next-generation Sprinter going to launch in the premier half of 2018 in Europe, & other markets going to follow shortly thereafter.

Mercedes-Benz Teases 2019 Sprinter Van by Sketch

Mercedes-Benz Vans, the Inc. behind the instantly recognizable Sprinter , unveiled a teaser image of the next-generation Big van.
Showing the sketch at the North American Commercial car display in Atlanta, Benz pledged the van would shock the market in 2018.
Thanks to its one-box shape & huge grille badge, the van is continue immediately recognizable as a Sprinter.
Don’t outline on seeing the sketch vehicle’s huge wheels on your M-B Vans showroom floor, as they’d be totally impractical for the Sprinter’s intended mission.
Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans
Mercedes-Benz Teases 2019

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off the Fresh Sprinter Van Design Philosophy

This business strategy, largely pioneered with Lamborghini, often incloudes the creation of some insane hypercar to demonstrate a company’s plans.
Mercedes going to instead Utilize the 2018 Sprinter van for its design benchmark & showcase the aftertime of transportation vehicles.
Mercedes-Benz USA launched a Fresh sketch of the upcoming 2018 Sprinter van on Monday, that it tells going to offer a glimpse of the method the rest of MB’s lineup going to look in the near future.
This makes the Fresh Sprinter incredibly versatile, as companies could This time easy select a specific version of the van to suit their individual needs.
Mercedes tells it going to have further data about the Sprinter & the Fresh design philosophy before the van launches in Europe in the premier half of 2018.




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