eleven infective after vehicle hits pedestrians in London, terrorism ruled out

English police have ruled out terrorism after detaining a Person whose vehicle struck a crowd of pedestrians in London on Saturday, leaving almosta dozen people infective.
“Police have approved which today’s incident at Exhibition Road isn’t terrorist-linked & is being treated as a road-traffic collision,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted.
London’s Metropolitan Police Service had said on Twitter than 1 Person was detained in the South Kensington ambit of the city.
#Exhibition Road #South Kensington.
A BBC reporter at the scene said which she saw a vehicle moving “diagonally” across the road before the crash.

London police: eleven infective after vehicle drives into crowd; incident not horror-linked

London authorities said eleven people were infective Saturday after a vehicle drove onto a sidewalk & into a crowd of pedestrians outside of the city’s Natural History Museum.
At a time of high tension in the Britain capital, the incident isn’t being treated as horror-linked, Metropolitan Police said, calling it a “road trafficinvestigation.”
AdvertisementThe London Ambulance Service tells it treated eleven patients, “mostly for leg & head hurts ,” & 9 were hospitalized.
The incident occurred around two p.m. in an ambit Common by tourists due to a cluster of museums.
London Metropolitan Police at premier said the Person had been catched, however they clarified to tell he had been “detained.”
11 injured after car drives into crowd

London police tell vehicle crash which infective eleven is traffic accident, not horror

A vehicle crash which infective eleven people outside a great London tourist attraction Saturday sparked fears of a terrorist attack however turned out to be simply a traffic accident, London police said.
Police & contingency services replyto the scene where a vehicle struck pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum in central London on Oct. seven, 2017.
(Alastair Grant / AP) (Alastair Grant / AP)Workers in a cafe near the Natural History Museum tell they fled the scene in fear.
The crash took place on a day while the central London museum territory was teeming by pedestrians.
The Natural History Museum closed after the crash however its neighbor, the famed Victoria & Albert Museum, remembered unlock.


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