Mercedes-Benz Stadium Roof To unlock For just one further 2017 Event

The roof on Mercedes-Benz Stadium going to be unlock for MLS Atlanta United’s last regular-season game versus Toronto FC on Oct. 22, weather permitting, & going to be closed for all other events this year, including residual Atlanta Falcons house games.
such as America on FacebookThe unique retractable roof on the $one.five bn stadium has been an issue in the premier year of the facility.
The roof was unlock for the Falcons’ premier house regular-season game versus Green Bay on Sept. 17 however was closed for the Oct. one game versus Buffalo.
The management group for Arthur Blank, who owns the Falcons & the expansion Atlanta United team, said in a statement on Friday the “sequencing” of ongoing work to fully automate the roof going to let it to be unlock for the Oct. 22 Atlanta United game.
The roof going to be closed for all other events this year, including the Southeastern Conference championship football game & the College Football Playoff championship game.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Roof going to Get 1 further Chance To Dazzle

There’s just 1 further chance this year to trial an unlock-air event in the Fresh Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
Atlanta United’s match against Toronto FC on Oct. 22 going to, weather permitting, be the final unlock roof event of the season.
This going to too be the premier unlock roof house game for the team.
The 8 panels on the stadium’s roof, each weighing about 500 tons, are supposed to unlock or lock in sync in just twelve minutes.
The stadium’s roof has just been unlock for the Falcons premier regular season house game on Sept.17 against Green Bay.

Leadoff: going to Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof work with following season?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s retractable roof going to be closed for all residual Falcons games this season.
Friday’s break news which Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s retractable roof won’t be unlock for any further Falcons games this year means the Roof Question going to expand at least into the stadium’s 2nd season.
The declaration cited the “ongoing work to fully automate” the roof, the “sequencing of the work” & the stadium’s events schedule.
Translation: The retractable roof isn’t availiable for regular Utilize.
The roof going to be unlocked for the Oct. 22 soccer game, weather permitting, in essentially the same method.
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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