Auto industry probably urge Gov. to reverse GST cess hike

Auto industry probably urge Gov. to reverse GST cess hike. final 30 days, the Goods & Services Council hiked the quantum of cess on mid-sized, Big & sport utility car cars in the range of 2 to 7 %.
CNBC-TV18 has learnt that the industry is considering sending a detailed note to the Gov. urging them to reverse the hike on compensation cess.
The auto industry that has been a key beneficiary of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) is demanding the Gov. to make proven changes in the average.
It has too requested that the Gov. restricts compensation average to 3 categories of cars from the five categories at present.
They have too requested to cap GST average of twelve % on components used in electric cars that go as high as 18 % to 28 % in some statuses.

Auto industry has a glamorous past, however an opaque aftertime

Auto industry has a glamorous past, but an opaque future

Charles Uthus, vice president for international policy at the American Automotive Policy Council, told the conference which Nafta has created some $ten bn in annual savings for the auto industry in North America ever ever it took influence.
Eliminating those efficiencies would amount to “essentially a $ten-bn tax on the auto industry in North America,” he said.
Donald trump has said reducing trade deficits is the Organization’s highest priority in the renegotiation of Nafta, a goal shared with the largest union for America auto workers.
“No amount of spin with corporate lobbyists representing companies who outsource could change the realities on what has happened to workers as a result of Nafta,” United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams said in a statement.
Auto industry lobbyists & executives are paying lock attention to America suggestions on the rules of origin for cars.




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