Person hits five parked cars & flees scene on foot; calls paramedics for himself

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Early Sunday morning a Person shock a total of five parked cars & fled the scene on foot.
When pulling away he shock a vehicle & in an attempt to flee, shock five further cars , then hopped through the vehicle & ran away.
He said he fled the scene because he was scared.
The suspicious wasn’t infective & though some of the cars were disabled & damaged, there were no drivers in them at the time of the accidents.
He going to be found guilty by reckless driving, driving without a license & five counts of shock & run.

JSO: Person wrecks multiple cars trying to drive family to Regency’s toll free food event

According to Researchers, the suspicious was dropping off a family member at the Food for Florida food assistance programme while he backed into a vehicle.
At the time of the incident, thousands of people were waiting in line for the food assistance programme.
The JSO said officers captured the Person at the Walmart, about a half-mile away.
Family members told police they were furious the Person was driving.
The suspicious is found guilty by 5 counts of shock & run-&-run, driving without a license & careless driving.
Man wrecks multiple cars

JSO: Person shock six cars after dropping grandmother off at Food for Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville Person is in jail Sunday after calling 911 on himself next a series of shock-&-run crashes, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.
The Person, who is in his 20s, was dropping his grandmother off at the Food for Florida event at the Regency Square Mall while he shock 5 cars in the parking lot while trying to leave, police said.
Then he said he in reality fell asleep at another point, & only accidentally shock the cars .
I got dismay & I took off.’”After the Person shock 6 cars in the parking lot, he took off on foot, went up an embankment & drop the Arlington Expressway, ending up near a Walmart.
“Family members came here to pick up the other family member (grandmother) & were soupset which he was even driving,” Mullen said.




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