Ford to recall about 1.3 mn trucks in North US for door latch solve

As it stated in Ford Motor said on Wednesday it would recall about one.three mn 2015-17 Ford F-150 & 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks in North US to add water shields to side door latches at a cost of $267 mn.
Dealers going to download water shields over the door latches & inspect & reform door latch cables if needed.
In March, Ford said it would spend $295 mn to recall 211,000 cars in North US to replace potentially faulty side door latches & 230,000 cars for under-hood blaze dangers.
Ford formerly recalled almost four mn cars for door latch issues in 6 breaking up recalls ever ever 2014, including two.four mn cars recalled in August 2016.
In September 2016, Ford said it was taking a $640 mn charge for its extended side-door latch recalls.

Ford recalling 1.3 mn F-series pickups for door latch solve

Ford is recalling 1.3 mn F-series pickup trucks, a better selling car in US, for a door latch crisis which can let the door to unlock while the truck is moving.
The recall includes trucks purveyed in the U.S., Canada & Mexico.
In addition to the crisis by the door opening unexpectedly, the latch can too protect the driver from opening the door while they necessity to.
linked: Ford detects $hundred,000 F-450 pickup truckFord (F) estimates it going to cost $267 mn to make the reforms.
Ford purveyed 820,000 of the F-series trucks in the U.S. final year.
door latch solve

Ford offers toll free inspections for 1.3 mn scout amid exha – WSMV break news four

according to (AP picture/Alan Diaz)(AP) — Responding to user worries about exhaust fumes, Ford is offering to inspect & reform Explorer sport utility cars at no cost to owners.
“Our investigation hasn’t found carbon monoxide standards which exceed what people are exposed to every day,” Ford spokesman Mike Levine said.
Ford has purveyed further than one.35 mn Explorers ever ever 2011, while the car was redesigned & the exhaust crises began.
Ford started repairing police versions earlier this summer after departments announced which carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes was making officers sick.
Police in Austin, Texas, pulled almost400 Explorers off patrol in July due to carbon monoxide worries & reports of officers getting sick.
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