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Amazon chooses to recharge electric vehicles by robot drones

Amazon was soon awarded a patent for technology that incloudes drones charging electric vehicles on the move.
According to Cnet, the patent is called “Systems, devices & methods delivering energy Utilizing an uncrewed autonomous vehicle”.
Drawings of the patent point out to it being a system that going to work When the vehicle is on the move.
Even Tesla’s Superchargers, that perhaps be installed in petrol stations everywhere, necessity nearly 40 minutes to charge a vehicle battery.
Amazon is truly pushing for automation, drone deliveries, driverless delivery cars, & even outline on having floating warehouses in the form of blips.

Volvo is the final automaker to have a try & deactivate Tesla’s stranglehold on electric vehicles

What Volvo said about Polestar Officially, Polestar is a subsidiary of Volvo cars , however it’ll be funded with a joint venture among Volvo & its owner, Chinese automaker Geely Automobile Holdings.
& in a surprise twist, the Fresh Polestar cars going to be built in China, in a Fresh factory in the city of Chengdu.
2nd, the decision to locate the factory in China acknowledges which China is a large factor pushing the world’s automakers toward electric vehicles drivetrains.
As Volvo & Geely see it, having the Polestar factory in China going to help Volvo brand itself as a leader in electric cars & car connectivity.
All of the Polestar models going to be based on Volvo architectures, however they’ll have a significant amount of engineering which’s unique to the Polestar brand.
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Divorce lawyers can Utilize electric vehicles to identify people who are cheating, Tory MP warns

according to Divorce lawyers can Utilize information logs in electric vehicles to identify people who are cheating on their partners, a Tory MP has warned.
Sir Greg Knight, a Tory MP, warned which EV records can be used to “evidence adultery” or which employers can access it to track workers.
He said in the Commons: “Can I ask whether he has had any more thoughts on the information log of automated cars?
the method long such information must be saved for & who ought have access to it.
“however going to others be enable to of seek access to this information log, like an employer trying to see what the employee has been up to or might an ambitious divorce lawyer seeking to evidence adultery has taken…

research: 1 in 3 urban Romanians believe electric vehicles are also costly

One 3rd of Romanians living in urban areas would not purchase an electric vehicle because it’s also costly, according to a research with market research Inc. 4Service Group.
while it comes to the reason the Romanians would select an electric vehicle, 32% pointed out the features technology & performance compared to a conventional vehicle.
meantime, while 33.three% of Romanians wouldn’t purchase such a vehicle because it’s also costly, 14% wouldn’t think of making such a purchase because they prefer conventional or hybrid cars , & 13.one% believe which it takes also long to charge an electric vehicle.
The current small number of charging stations in the country is also between the main reasons versus making such an acquisition.
4Service Group toted out the research in September 2017 on 536 respondents from urban areas.
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