BMW loses Claim versus $158 mn fine for blocking shipments to Switzerland

BMW has Stray an Claim in Switzerland versus a 157 mn franc (139.54 mn pounds) fine imposed after it banned Swiss customers from buying its cars elsewhere in Europe & bringing them house.
The Swiss Federal Supreme court of law reported on Friday which it rejected an Claim by BMW in a ruling on Oct. 24.
Around 20 complaints were later received by Switzerland’s WEKO competition authority after customers by Swiss addresses were protected from buying cars at BMW dealerships in southern Germany.
The competition authority said in 2012 which BMW & its dealers had agreed not to ship cars from dealerships elsewhere in Europe to Switzerland, infringing Swiss competition laws.
“This was a clear violation of Swiss competition law.

BMW loses Claim of $158 mln fine with Swiss competition watchdog

BMW going to must pay a $158 mn fine that Swiss competition authorities imposed on the German automaker 5 years ago after Switzerland’s top court of law said Friday that it had rejected its Claim.
The Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) claimed that ever ever 2003 the German automaker had protected Swiss nationals from buying its BM & Mini cars abroad.
COMCO said BM’s actions amounted to an arrangement to divvy up geographical markets, a violation of Swiss anti-cartel laws.
The car maker had denied any wrongdoing & premier appealed the fine to the Swiss Federal Administrative court of law, that rejected the Claim in 2015.
It then lodged an Claim by Switzerland’s top court of law, that rejected the attempt in a decision handed drop final 30 days, & made public on Friday.

Swiss court of law rejects BMW Claim versus $158 mn fine

referring to ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland’s top court of law on Friday said it had rejected BMW’s Claim versus a 157 mn Swiss franc (120.14 mn pounds) fine imposed after the German carmaker banned the Exportation of Fresh cars to Switzerland.
The fine was originally imposed next a 2012 investigation with Switzerland’s competition authority into Swiss customers’ complaints they had been stopped from buying BMW & Mini cars outside the country.
The competition authority said BM & its dealers had agreed to not Exportation cars to Switzerland in order to save prices high in the country.
(Reporting with John Revill)

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