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Reduced margins ‘mean increased used vehicle dealer interest in added-Price products’

referring to REDUCED margins on used vehicle are driving increased dealer interest in getting the generality through added Price products, a warranty suppliers said today.
Damian Tyler, pictured, head of business Growth at The Warranty Group, said there had been extra momentum behind warranties, service plans & Gap insurance in recent months.
‘Beautiful much across the board, increased price competition & higher costs of acquiring stock mean which the margins on used cars still to be under Stress.
They know which at times like this, motorists are going to tend to look to products which provide a security Internet versus unforeseen costs, & many added-Price products do this.
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Better Call Jackson: the method to spot a used vehicle which’s been flooded

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Consumers necessity to take additional steps to avert buying a used vehicle which has a string of hidden crises.
According to, there are five,000 flooded cars currently in Ohio.
Those numbers are going to go up due to hurricanes Harvey & Maria.
“If you reach under the chair for example & feel the carpet underneath the seats you could find mildew, mold things such as which could indicate it’s been submerged,” said Chris Cozad of Alternative Auto.
used vehicle

Fresh vehicle discounts slowdown prompts ‘focus on used discounts’ for franchised dealers

as mentioned in As Fresh vehicle discounts slow drop there is This time a growing importance of used cars to franchised dealers, study shows.
“Put simply, franchised dealers are having further success by used cars : selling further of them & selling them faster.
“We Guesse used cars to grow in importance for franchised dealers over the coming months.
“But, although we have seen an uplift on used vehicle information during October, we are entering a quieter time of year while many businesses are positioning for a successful 2018.
In addition to figures on Fresh & used vehicle discounts, the information too showed a fall in customer interest in diesel.
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