Bobcat survives 50-mile trip in the grill of a Toyota Prius

A bobcat survived a 50-mile trip while stuck in the grill of a vehicle.
Richmond Animal Care & Control)GLOUCESTER Co., Va. (WSET) — A lady in Richmond was in for a surprise while she got through her vehicle Thanks giving morning.
WTVR reports which the lady found a bobcat loaded in the grill of her Toyota Prius.
The bobcat survived a 50-mile trip.
It’s truly a bobcat stuck in the forehead of a Prius grill,” said Christie Peters of Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC).

Toyota Prius V hybrid wagon ends U.S. run; RAV4 Hybrid took its discounts

Follow John Add to circle2017 Toyota Prius V Enlarge PhotoAfter 6 model years, the 2017 Toyota Prius V is going to recently leave the phase, & there is going to be no 2018 version.
Why is easy: Its discounts have fallen considerably ever ever the 2016 launch of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid compact crossover.
2017 Toyota Prius V Enlarge picture 2017 Toyota Prius V Enlarge picture 2017 Toyota Prius V Enlarge picture 2017 Toyota Prius V Enlarge PhotoThe discounts figures truly say the story: The Prius V hybrid wagon purveyed 40,700 in 2012, its debut year, though which had fallen to 28,300 units with 2015.
while the RAV4 Hybrid compact sport utility car arrived for 2016, Prius V discounts were halved in 1 year.
which Determine of popular underpinnings is This time used in the 2016 Prius, 2017 Prius Prime & 2017 C-HR, & the Fresh 2018 Camry.
Toyota Prius

Toyota Axes the Prius V in the U.S.

as informed in It’s been a rough weekend for fans of, allow’s tell, practically-styled hybrid hatchbacks.
On the same day we learned of Ford’s discontinuation of the C-Max, Toyota has approved to Green vehicle Reports which it is going to no longer purvey the Prius V in US after the 2017 model year.
The American user’s unwavering love affair by the crossover.
Ever ever ever the Japanese automaker introduced a RAV4 Hybrid in 2016, folks on Toyota’s showroom floor shopping for something green & roomy habitually preferred the higher-riding, all-wheel-drive-obtainable crossover.
Prius V discounts were never the same ever ever, despite its superior EPA overall rating of 41 miles per gallon compared by the RAV’s relatively wasteful 32.

Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius V have to die Extremely sport utility cars could live

The Ford C-Max & Toyota Prius V were weird hybrids, not truly existing in any specific segment — they were not crossovers, nor minivans, however they were further than your Rate hatchbacks.
The ‘Max’ in C-Max didn’t refer to salesThe Ford C-Max had 2 variants in the America — the level gas-electric hybrid, & the Energi plug-in hybrid.
produce of the C-Max Energi ended in September, however late final 7 days, Automotive break news announced that the level C-Max hybrid is going to meet its producer in mid-2018.
Prius V, slain with its own brother Similar to the C-Max, the Prius V was killed Extremely that sport utility cars could live, however now, the sport utility car in question is technically a competitor.
Over 6 years, though, the Prius V amassed approximately 160,000 discounts, that is impressive until you realize Toyota purveyed twice as many RAV4s only final year.

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