Cherry Hill Ford dealership owes $150,000 to Chinese techs it underpaid

as informed in final 7 days, the dealership, Charles S. Winner Inc., agreed to pay $150,000 in back wages & damages to 8 Chinese contingency-accessories & installation technicians, the U.S.
On Sept. 30, 2016, the EEOC sued the dealership in federal court of law, accusing it of routinely paying Chinese technicians $three an hour less than its non-Chinese technicians.
Winner started its Chinese technicians at $nine an hour, When non-Chinese technicians earned at least $twelve an hour to begain, the suit said.
After a period of time on the job, non-Chinese technicians, often by less trial & tenure, were paid $15 to $17 an hour.
After 5½ years, Zhang & the other Chinese techs were earning $twelve to $13 an hour.

Ford Dealership in N.J. Owes $150K to Chinese Techs

Chinese auto technicians at a Ford dealership in N.J. are due $150,000 in back wages thanks to a approval decree that came after a discrimination suit filed with the U.S.
The dealer, Winner Ford, agreed to settle the grievance released in September 2016, that accused it of paying higher wages to non-Chinese technicians.
ever ever 2010, the EEOC found guilty, the dealer paid its Chinese contingency & accessory installation technicians a reduce starting wage & hourly wage than non-Chinese technicians at its Cherry Hill, N.J., location.
while a Chinese worker complained about the wage disparity, he was reprimanded & told if he sought legal help, he would be through a job, the EEOC said in a release final 7 days.
In a story published Monday, the Philadelphia Inquirer detailed the status of 1 influenced worker, Ping Zhang, who was being paid $twelve an hour with the Winner Ford dealership after 5 years on the job.

Ford Dealership To Pay $150,000 Back To Chinese Technicians It Allegedly Underpaid

referring to The suit accused the dealer, Winner Ford, of paying Chinese technicians reduce wages than non-Chinese technicians.
The EEOC’s status alleged which Winner Ford paid Chinese contingency & accessory installation technicians a reduce starting wage & hourly wage as far back as 2010.
ad“Winner Ford paid starting Chinese EAI technicians up to $three less per hour than non-Chinese EAI Technicians, even though they did the same work & some of the non-Chinese technicians had less or no relevant trial,” the EEOC said final 7 days.
As portion of a three-year approval decree, Winner Ford is prohibited from “discriminating based on national origin, including in compensation, or engaging in retaliation,” & it is going to implement a Fresh anti-discrimination to all current, & prospective, employees.
Advertisement An attorney for Winner Ford didn’t immediately reply to a Demand for comment, however if we hear back, we’ll update the post.


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