highest mystery’s incredible V12 Toyota Supra heads to auction

A modified Toyota Supra on discount wouldn’t normally make for a major headline, however this effort with Japanese tuner highest mystery is quite the exception.
See too:Completely stock Toyota Supra heads to auction in USSee too: Original Fast & Furious Toyota Supra purveys for $185,000 Gone is the original, legendary 6-cylinder 2JZ motor from the foundation vehicle & in its place, sits a five.0-litre V12 taken from Toyota’s Japan-just Century limousine.
complete performance figures havn’t been uncovered, however this Supra has shock 222.6mph at Italy’s Nardo Analysis track.
highest mystery’s incredible V12 Toyota Supra heads to auctionAside from the performance overhaul, the following biggest change to the Japanese sports vehicle is a body kit which nearly makes it unrecognisable as a Supra — although the iconic rear lights are a dead giveaway to the foundation machine.It’s all portion of highest mystery’s style.
Well, the V12 Supra is heading to auction at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, offered with BH Auction.

The Legendary V12-Powered highest mystery Toyota Supra Is Being Auctioned

by that in mind, it takes something quite special to stand out from the herd, that is what this ‘highest mystery’ Mk4 does for 2 reasons: what’s been done to it, & its reputation.
Under the bonnet, you’ll find the five.0-litre ‘1GZ-FE’ engine from the Toyota Supra Century.
Kazuhiko ‘Smokey’ Nagata – the founder of highest mystery, who somuch lives up to his nickname – brought the vehicle to the Britain in 1999, where he thought he’d see the method fast he can get it.
The aim was 200mph, & thanks to wet conditions Smokey fell short, however just just – he continue managed 197mph.
Shortly after he was pulled over by the police, who understandably took a dim view of the early-morning high-speed run.
Toyota Supra

Up for auction: A Toyota Supra unlike any other

according to Up for auction: A Toyota Supra unlike any otherTop mystery 1994 Toyota Supra.
— Handout via AFPTOKYO, Dec 19 — The Toyota Supra is 1 of those cars which have had enthusiasts calling for a Fresh version  ever the final 1 was laid to rest with the Japanese automaker back in 2002.
Well, a Fresh Supra does look to be coming our method in 2018, however in the Meanwhile, there’s a modified 1994 model is going up for auction in January which’s may unlike any other Supra out there — & is so different from any Fresh Supra model Toyota is Guessed to unveil following year.
An auction home with the name of BH Auction is going to be selling the vehicle in question off at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon on January twelve.
Of course, highest mystery didn’t only down a V-twelve into its Supra; they too added a pair of turbochargers.

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