Forget self-driving cars — these self-driving slippers are the aftertime we deserve

As marketing gimmicks go, I’ll take self-driving slippers over flamethrowers any day.
Each slipper is equipped by 2 little wheels, a motor, & sensors to “drive” across the wooden lobby floor Utilizing Nissan’s ProPilot Park technology.
“The self-parking slippers are meant to lift awareness of automated driving technologies, & their possibility, non-driving applications,” a Nissan spokesman told Reuters.
The Leaf is the premier Nissan to get the ProPilot driver assistance technology which going to, 1 day, let Nissans to be self-driving.
When we wait for the cars to drive themselves, we could watch our slippers & pillows move about on their own.

Hyundai’s self-driving fuel cell cars full a record highway trip

3 of the cars were shiny Fresh Nexo sport utility cars (like the 1 above), while the other 2 were further familiar Genesis G80 sedans.
They were too showcases for cellular technology, by 5G inside for backseat Intelligent house control, chat bots, streaming media & vidimus calls by health consultants.
You bet — Hyundai doesn’t Guesse to commercialize standard four cars until 2021, by fully autonomous models arriving by 2030.
& while 5G networks are only getting started, we wouldn’t Guesse in-vehicle gigabit information for a long while.
continue, this helps demonstrate which driverless cars aren’t limited to short city jaunts.
Hyundai's self-driving fuel cell cars complete a record highway trip

Daimler, Bosch to Analysis self-driving cars recently – Automobilwoche

as declared in FRANKFURT, Feb three (Reuters) – Daimler & automotive supplier Robert Bosch going to begain Analyzing self-driving Extremely -called robo-taxis in the following few months, senior executives told a German every 7 days.
Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler & Bosch teamed up final year to develop self-driving cars in an alliance aimed at accelerating the produce of robo-taxis, joining a growing number of rivals trying to do the same.
“There going to be Analysis cars on the streets in the coming months,” Bosch Chief Executive Volkmar Denner told Automobilwoche, without being further specific.
The pact among Daimler, the world’s producer of premium cars & Bosch, the world’s automotive supplier, forms a counterweight to Fresh auto industry players such as ride-hailing firms Uber & Didi, that are too working on self-driving cars .
final 30 days, Alphabet companys self-driving unit Waymo said it had begun Analyzing self-driving cars in Atlanta, bringing to 25 the total number of U.S. cities in that it is Analyzing.

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