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Carousell & Case are partners to educate buyers of used cars

Carousell & Case are partners to educate buyers of used cars. As informed in Those shopping for a used vehicle on on-line marketplace Carousell is going to recently have a clearer idea of the quality & condition of the cars on offer.


Carousell & Case are partners to educate buyers of used cars

The Consumers Association of Singapore (status) & Carousell are encouraging sellers to send their cars for professional evaluation before listing them for discount. Final year, status received two,335 complaints, by 61 per cent involving a pre-owned vehicle. The secure checklist, that status released final year, is aimed at helping consumers know what to look out for while buying a pre-owned vehicle. Mr Sanjay Shivkumar, head of autos at Carousell, said its marketplace has about twelve,000 listings of Fresh & pre-owned cars .




 The method request for used diesel cars going to still for a long time yet

The method request for used diesel cars is going to still for a long time yet to his credit, Toyota Ireland chief Steve Tormey emphasised which in an interview by Motors. He said: “There going to still be request for 2nd-hand diesels. He Guessed people are going to still need a perfect, used Toyota diesel in 3 years’ time. The message is which diesel on the used market will not die for quite a When. The reality is which used values for many cars , not only diesels, have dropped (though not by as much as some perhaps make out).


diesel car
Diesel car

Seven On Your Side, user Reports: Annual list of highest Fresh & used cars for 2018

Referring to user Reports is out by its annual auto issue which includes its exclusive highest vehicle picks. “Your best bet is to look for a vehicle around 3 to five years old which fit your budget,” said Jake Fisher, user Reports Auto specialized. “If you are looking for a small sport utility vehicle without the sticker hit of buying a Fresh vehicle, user reports proposes you check out a used Mazda CX-five from 2013 to 2015, or a Toyota RAV4 from 2008 to 2013.need something sportier.  User Reports tells you could not go wrong by the Toyota Camry.Look for a model from 2008 to 2015. It consistently did well in user Reports’ tests, & could be had for under $20,000.You could check out user Reports’ complete list of the highest picks for cars both Fresh & used on their website.


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