Dearborn Mayor backs the expansion in Ford to Michigan Central Station

Dearborn Mayor backs the expansion in Ford to Michigan Central Station. According to JC Reindl/Detroit toll free PressBuy picture Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly crosses Schaefer in Dearborn in March 2013. Purchase Photo Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly sees opportunity in the Ford Motor expansion into Corktown & what probably Turn around out to be ownership of the Michigan Central Station.”I used to take the train at which train station while I was young. Sources participate in discussions tell a Ford campus at the train station would likely home hundreds of employees.”Ford is proud of its long-standing copartnership by the City of Dearborn,” said Ford spokesman Said Deep.

Dearborn Mayor
Dearborn Mayor

If Ford purchases Michigan Central Station, what happens to land nearby?

lock The view from inside long-vacant Michigan Central Station. JC Reindl/Detroit toll free PressBuy picture A 2004 photograph shows an aerial view of the old Michigan Central station. Reports have it which Ford Motor Inc. is planning to move its Intelligent car Growth center to the building. Purchase picture A view of Michigan Avenue from the 13th floor of Michigan Central Station in Detroit on Sept. 13, 2017, during Crain’s Detroit Homecoming IV event. Further: the method much would Ford pay to purchase, renovate Michigan Central Station?


Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Station

What It Would Mean for 1 Detroit local if Ford purchased the Abandoned Michigan Central Station

As mentioned in gossip that Ford Motor Inc. is looking to purchase or lease 1 of the generality iconic abandoned buildings in Detroit, the Michigan Central Station, have made waves across the Motor City. To tell which a tenant by the kind of universal presence the Ford Motor Inc. possesses would make a positive influence in the ambit is an understatement.”I am old sufficient to in reality remain taking the train through Michigan Central while I was a kid,” Burns elaborated to The Drive. The Michigan Central Station, much such as the Ford family, played a major role in shaping the Motor City’s history & character.
The final train departure from the Michigan Central Station took place on January five, 1987.



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