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Here’s what happened while rusty used cars were crash-tested

Here’s what happened while rusty used cars were crash-tested. However does the factor of age & rust alter the equation even while we’re talking about relatively recent used cars ?
Investigators at the nonprofit Swedish Administration Villaagarnas Riksforbund & insurance Inc. Folksam tested used cars , just over a decade old, to find out just the method much age & rust affects used cars & whether the cars ‘ crashworthiness degrades over a moderate period of time.
“At the frontal collision, the crash Analysis dummy was thrown forward towards the airbag, that is launched from the steering wheel. If a crash Analysis dummy rebounds into the B-pillar, this isn’t considered by the EuroNCAP-model.”
“however the difference in crash security was marginal by just 1 point difference.”

Sask. budget 2018 sees PST added to appliances, used cars

Saskatchewan consumers will be shock once more in this year’s budget as further changes are being made to the provincial discounts tax (PST).
Businessmen looking into our county are not will look at whether there’s PST on used cars,” Harpauer told reporters Tuesday.
PST will too be applied to appliances by the energy star sticker, meaning customers will pay 6 per cent on generality appliances which were tax toll free until This time.
“The extra officers will be an extra presence on the road, because which is something we hear from rural Saskatchewan,” Harpauer said. The deficit will finish at $365 mn & debt continues to climb by $two bn, topping $20 bn.


Used cars
Used cars

Billionare Carl Icahn wishes to purvey used cars to Lyft & Uber

According to Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn has plans for a Fresh career as a used-vehicle salesman, & he’s eager to purvey his wares to Lyft & , according to a scoop with the NY Post.
What Icahn — whose auto investments involve Auto Plus & Pep Boys — intends to do is to replace the transmissions on older cars & then resell them to companies such as & Lyft, that Icahn is invested in.
Tenneco intends to slice Federal-Mogul into 2 businesses that going to both be spun off on a tax-toll free foundation into breaking up public companies.
The bargain is Guessed to lock in the 2nd half of the year, subject to the consent of Tenneco’s shareholders.
It comes after Icahn final year acquired all of Federal-Mogul & took the group private.

A glut of used cars is giving buyers further options

To be sure, Americans for years have purchased further used cars than Fresh, however a recent glut of well-equipped cars coming off leases is sending further people to the used market.
At the same time, the average of promote for used cars is slowing because of abundant supply, Extremely the gap among Fresh & used prices is growing.
generality two or three-year-old cars have backup cameras & Bluetooth technology to correlation phones to the cars , he said.
David Kelleher, who runs a Fiat Chrysler dealership in suburban Philadelphia, lowered used car prices & moved further of them final year.
rectification: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated a “shortage” of used cars .


Used cars
Used cars

PST on used cars is ‘will be tough’ on families: salesman

A Regina vehicle salesman is shocked the Saskatchewan Gov. has added the provincial discounts tax (PST) to used cars valued over $five,000.
He said having to pay which additional 6 per cent can make or break some low-revenue families.
Poor people purchase the used cars — they’re the ones which can’t afford those Fresh cars ,” Dorn said.
Having to say a family they must pay further for the used vehicle they can barely afford isn’t will be an simple conversation, he added. But, those making vehicle discounts over $five,000 privately or out of a dealership will must pay PST.


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