De Blasio to ban cars from Central Park during proven hours

De Blasio to ban cars from Central Park during proven hours. Mayor De Blasio is kicking cars through Central Park, various sources told the Daily break news Thursday.
Hizzoner plans to ban cars from the handful of roads below 72nd St. where motorists are allowed to drive alongside pedestrians & cyclists during proven hours of the day.
The restriction, that going to kick in with June, won’t apply to the cross-town transverses that drivers & buses Utilize to get across town.
(John Roca/NY Daily break news)This comes months after Prospect Park went vehicle-toll free on Jan. one.
Members of the City Council formerly introduced legislation to ban cars from the park’s loop drives.

City to kick cars through Central Park starting in June

“The park is only such an oasis in the city & Extremely Pretty & we oughtn’t necessity to be worried about dodging traffic, listening to horns & smelling fumes,” Tartter, 65, said.
“3-quarters of my run is no cars & it’s only Extremely much nicer.”

De Blasio
De Blasio

NY City to ban cars in Central Park: ‘This wasn’t its purpose — it was built before automobiles’

City’s Central Park will kick out cars this summer. This will happen after more than a century, returning its roads to walkers, runners and cyclists, De Blasio said on Friday.The move, which aims to cut down on traffic accidents and air pollution in the most-visited urban park in U.S.A, takes effect on 27 June, De Blasio told reporters.“This was not the purpose of this park, to be built for automobiles. Literally, it was built before there were automobiles. It was built for people,” De Blasio said




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