The 2019 BMW M5 Competition package only doesn’t sound worth it

The 2019 BMW M5 Competition package only doesn’t sound worth it. As declared in Did you only down over $hundred,000 on a 2018 BMW M5?
You ought have waited for the BMW M5 by the Competition Package, that would make your stupidly strongGerman luxury sedan 1-10th of a 2nd quicker. The folks over at Motor1 did some digging into forum posts over at Bimmerpost & seemed to disclose that BMW going to recently be launching a Competition Package for the Fresh M5.
It’s certainly not about your Rate driver in reality feeling the difference among the “regular” M5 & the competition vehicle.
Call me while they put a competition package on a minivan!

BMW rumoured to launch Competition Package for M5

BMW is rumoured to be readying a Competition Package for its Fresh M5 sedan which going to boost horsepower by 25 to a total 625 & push performance slightly beyond the vehicle’s current limits.
Leaks discussed over on the Bimmerpost forum propose the package would see highest speed bumped from the current 304 km/h & zero-to-hundred-km/h times dropped from three.four seconds to three.three, numbers slightly better than Mercedes-AMG’s E63 S.Cosmetics upgrades & a sport exhaust would round out the trim in concert by a reduce, firmer suspension & blacked-out badging & trim.
The forum post, clearly from a customer who only ordered an example of the rumoured vehicle, tells produce begins July & deliveries would begain September.
A complete uncover is allegedly scheduled for following 7 days.
The break news wouldn’t be all which amazing: BMW currently offers Competition-spec M3 & M4 models, & only final 30 days replaced its M2 by an M2 Competition.


2019 BMW M5 Competition package
2019 BMW M5 Competition package


Pops’ Rants: The BMW M5 Competition Package Is a Useless Abomination

As declared in The BMW M5 is an abomination. That brings me to BMW’s latest contraption, the M5 Competition Package.
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