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Hurricane flooded cars arriving at used vehicle lots

Hurricane flooded cars arriving at used vehicle lots. However some get a 2nd life, purveyed to unsuspecting buyers at used vehicle lots, some of them hundreds of miles from where they were flooded months earlier.
However only 1 day after his purchase from a “purchase here, pay here” used vehicle lot, Porter said caution lights started coming on.
“However cosmetically, on the outside, they could look such as any used vehicle on the road.”
The dealer stated he had no idea it had been a flood vehicle, because the word flood doesn’t appear on the title.
However this is the reason you must be additional diligent this year buying a used vehicle.


Fuller: PST on used cars runs only fine, minister tells

Q: Mister Minister, could you remind America the reason PST was added to used cars in final 30 days’s provincial budget?
Won’t the PST on used cars cost taxpayers $95 mn a year?
Q: If taxing used cars is the right thing to do, the reason was eliminating the PST on used cars the Gov.’s top priority in 2007?
A: We’ve used the Red Book as the ultimate authority in vehicle valuation.
The Red Book does not even take into account a vehicle’s condition.

Used vehicle
Used vehicle


Aftertime classics: 8 affordable used cars Determine to height in Price

As mentioned in however you do not must purvey out vast sums to purchase a used vehicle which can appreciate in Price.
We’ve asked the analysts at Cap HPI to pick out some affordable cars which can become aftertime classics.
Find out further: Alfa Romeo Brera | Used vehicle Buying GuidePeugeot RCZPeugeot’s answer to the Audi TT is no further &, by no replacement planned, request is hight.
Find out further: Volkswagen Golf GTI | Used vehicle Buying Guide986 Porsche BoxsterFew cars pick up Price such as a classic Porsche, however the large earners tend to be costly in the premier place.
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PSA purveys ex-management used cars out of PSA Direct

PSA has released a used vehicle program selling ex-management Peugeot, Citroen & DS cars .
The PSA Direct program, successfully piloted in 2017, going to offer a centrally advertised pool of cars & let the customer to select their dealer of Selection.
The cars going to have a minimum of 2 years’ of warranty, come by roadside assistance & be branded by the Direct hologram.
“Direct removes the pressure of buying a used vehicle, catering for a generation of increasingly digitally local customers by putting a highly desirable range of Peugeot, Citroën & DS cars in their reach.
“For our valued retail partners, Direct demonstrates our commitment to supporting them during a period of high request for used cars , by increased access to high quality examples of our award-winning models Determine to bolster their geographical competitiveness.”

Used cars
Used cars




Collected by :Haily Jackson


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