BMW 1 series


    BMW 1 series has become mainstream

    it is a range of subcompact executive cars manufactured by BMW since 2004

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    BMW 1 series


     The Performance


    IT has, 0-60mph and gearbox

    There area unit a complete of 5 engines on the market at launch for the one Series: 2 petrols and 3 diesels.

    The hydrocarbon menu lists a one.5-litre, three-cylinder (badged 118i)

    and a 302bhp two.0-litre, four-cylinder engine that powers the M135i hot hatch.

    of these, we’ve solely driven the M135i to date,

    and performance is befittingly brisk, studying rather well from low revs

    and pull nicely through to the line, with a pleasant parpy exhaust note as associate accompaniment.

    In outright acceleration from zero-62mph it offers close to identical pace to the Mercedes-AMG A35 – the M135i is simply 0.1sec slower.

    BMW 1 series
    BMW 1 series

    BMW 1 series review

    The diesel vary is formed from a one.5-litre three-

    cylinder 116d and a two.0-litre four-cylinder unit

    with 2 completely different power outputs within

    the 118d and 120d. the large vendor is anticipated to

    be the 118d – and that we will see why. It offers

    punchy performance and spectacular fuel economy,

    can chew through freeway miles while not a

    retardant, and also the pace on supply is comparable

    to the equivalent A200d within the A-Class.

    The four-wheel-drive M 135i has its own lowered and stiffened suspension set up to help it remain flattered in corners

    Also gets a limited-slip differential to maximize traction on winding roads

    However, at low speeds, there’s a fair bit of diesel grumbling in the 118d

    Also some vibrations up through the pedals and steering wheel

    And a six-speed manual transmission is available as standard on the 118i, 116d and 118d and a seven-speed automatic can be chosen with an eight-speed auto

    The interior

    BMW 1 series
    BMW 1 series


    Firstly adjustable lumbar support is an option on all trims

    But the standard seats offer a good amount of support and there’s lots of steering wheel adjustment on offer too

    There are 8.8in screen in front of the driver behind the steering wheel

    Also, you can upgrade to the live cockpit professional pack with to get a bigger 10.25in display

    Also, the view out of the front is excellent

    With led headlights as standard

    Also, it has front rear parking sensors are standard across the range

    Also a very reasonable sum you can get a park assist pack

    And including a couple of very helpful parking aids

    While you drive nose-first, you must remember your steering inputs

    The touchscreen is standard and this can be upped to 10.3in as an option on all trims

    BMW 1 series
    BMW 1 series

    The quality likes rock-solid in the 1 series dashboard

    Also, it’s been carved into the side of a cliff, albeit thankfully with plush and soft-touch material covering the rock face

    All the switches and dials have a real feeling of quality to them

    Also, there is plenty of head and legroom for the driver and passenger

    The interior is nice and wide with decent –sized  door bins

    And a generous cubby hole under the central armrest







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