ford f 150 lightning

    ford f 150 lightning specs coming soon, it also considers the top players in pickup truck sector
    f -150 range of light-duty trucks sell in record numbers and variants cater to different types of buyers as it is
    the latest range of F-150 has got many praises from all quarters
    Georgia based ford dealer has done an impressive job of customizing this type with recreated the ford lightning

    With peekerautomotive will read many topics about cars such  as

    Ford models 

    Ford f 150 lightning

    in 1990, the ford F-150 was a very famous truck and this model sold in good numbers too
    then replacing the lightning model with ford raptor
    the company will re-launch another popular although it discontinued trucking the Bronco

    pioneer Ford has customized the F-150 regular cab, short bed variant to make lightning
    the looks are wonderful with 22-inch wheels, side exhausts, shadow black paint and lightning badging
    this truck considers different besides the regular F-150 models

    the cabin is quite spacious and builds quality is good enough

    ford f 150 lightning

    it gets a really robust engine and that is its USP
    under the hood

    ford f 150 lightning
    ford f 150 lightning

    also, there sits a coyote V8 unit and a Roush supercharger
    with the combination makes an output of a whopping 650 hp
    also, you can get a special sport-tuned suspension and towing package
    with fuel economy is also decent

    The 2019 Ford f-150 lightning has high safety features and amenities included in the typical F-150 lineup
    Also, you still get decent safety features and amenities in it

    2019 ford f-150 truck

    2019 Ford f-150 

    It is arguably the most capable truck in the class and it features a unique, comfortable and interior

    2019 Ford f-150 review
    2019 Ford f-150 review

    The advantages and disadvantages

    It has class-leading towing and hauling capacities
    With powerful engines and user-friendly infotainment system
    The ford f-150 is a great truck and gets plenty of power from all six of its available engines
    Also, turbocharged engines turning it into a monster that can haul more than any other truck in the class
    The roomy interior is comfortable and provides lots of user-friendly technology

    2019 ford f-150 dimensions

    2019 Ford f-150 review
    2019 Ford f-150 review

    Firstly the length is 17 feet, 5.3 inches to 20 feet and 10.5 inches
    Secondly, the height is 6 feet, 3,09 inches to 6 feet and 6.5 inches
    Thirdly curb weight is 4,069 to 5,697 pounds
    Also many features such as 3-6 seating
    And diver train is RWD,4WD
    Also, the horsepower is 250-450
    2019 f-150 belongs to a generation that started with the 2015 model year
    In 2019 models will watch a few changes
    Such as the limited trim has a new engine, the raptor gets new shocks
    Also, there are a new standard driver assistance features as forwarding collision warning
    With automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection
    In 2018 the f-150 got developed towing and hauling capacities
    And wider availability of the 10-speed automatic transmission
    And a little extra power for select engines
    The base engine is 3.3-litre V6 with 290 horsepower and 256 pound-feet of torque

    Ford f-150 warranty covers the f-150 a three year /36,000mile warranty and five-year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty


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