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Top 9 used mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz became in 2014, consumer reports reported that the Mercedes CLA  was not only the most unreliable Mercedes in the auto reliability survey
Mercedes-Benz is one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world
For many reasons, firstly its reputation for producing long-lasting cars that combine upmarket interior with modern technology
Also, durable engineering precedes it
Now peekerautomotive will talk about Best used Mercedes Benz

while we were talked about  Mercedes Benz cars  and many types of cars you must to know it

Mercedes Benz

1-C -class 2014

C -class 2014
C -class 2014

The latest C-Class is one of the most efficient executive cars around in real-world driving
The diesel-engined cars that are the most in-demand
The C200 d has enough poke for most and claimed economy of up to 72.4mpg
The C220 d feels a little livelier and comes close to matching
Also the smaller engine in economy and CO2
The AMG line is stiffer but more controlled
Pair that with the c250 diesel engine and you will have a classy, comfortable executive car

2-E-Class estate

E-Class estate
E-Class estate

Few numbers still can combine such space and practicality with the air of luxury
And the quality that Mercedes offers
It is considered one of the most comfortable estates around
The budget is enough to buy you a late E350 diesel with the potent and quiet six-cylinder diesel engine

3-CLS 2010


CLS 2010
CLS 2010

The CLS is impressive
It tends to fall in value more quickly than its more conventional saloon stablemates
Also has fine handling, punchy engines and a wonderfully smooth ride
It also includes 350 CDI for the best combination of power and efficiency

4-C-Class (2007-2014)

C-Class (2007-2014)
C-Class (2007-2014)

c-class is one of the most upmarket used executive cars
it has also blend of comfort, efficiency and space makes it truly desirable
it’s easy to find a cracking example and prices are not high
with have a slightly classier interior and better equipment



The S-class provides extraordinary value for money
It also was one of the best luxury cars in the world
And vast amounts of high-tech equipment
Also wonderfully comfortable seats
You have to choose the s320 CDI version and get reasonable fuel consumption
With allied to smooth and flexible diesel engine
And powerful

6-SLK (2004-2011)

SLK (2004-2011)
SLK (2004-2011)

The folding hard-top roof makes it quieter than most convertible rivals on the move
Also, there are plenty of rooms for two and you can get a sizeable boot
A diesel engine was available like was a fire breathing V8 –powered AMG model
It is a cheaper and more relaxed four and six-cylinder petrol engines
It considers a boulevard cruiser than out and out sports car

7-S-class (1999-2006)

S-class (1999-2006)
S-class (1999-2006)

It is one of the luxury cars and gained a reputation for technological advancement like no other cars
Also, it is long-lasting
It is a comfortable and outright luxury
With a petrol engine will be more rewarding to drive

8-CLS (2005-2010)

The performance is elegant and has a four-door saloon
Nowadays CLS considers unusual Mercedes has ever made and the CLS depreciated more heavily than the more traditional Mercedes saloons

CLS (2005-2010)
CLS (2005-2010)

9-A-class (1998-2005)

It is one of the first mini-MPVs that enabled it to seat four adults in comfort
we would advise sticking with the petrol models, simply for their relative mechanical simplicity



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