Electric Mercedes Benz

    electric Mercedes Benz will be the first vehicle to arrive in the brand’s upcoming lineup of fully electric cars
    it’s first all-electric vehicle will BE an SUV
    Mercedes is banking on the popularity of its SUVs and the booming crossover market in general

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    firstly electric Mercedes Benz is the first luxury electric car
    it has a high quality automobile
    it includes a physical heft to it :calling back to benz tanka like the old W116
    Also, it makes little show of electrification, borrowing heavily from the gas powered GLC in design and engineering
    its dual motor powertrain is alluringly silent thanks to fanatical NVH work
    it does not claim to drive itself

    also, the dimensions are also tweaked 4.1 inches longer than a GLC despite sharing the 113.1-inch wheelbase
    and 0.2 inch narrower and 0.8 inch shorter in height

    also, it has a clean design that manages to be elegant
    with fun elements like the front light bar and blue accents capping the faux grille

    Electric Mercedes Benz

    Electric Mercedes Benz
    Electric Mercedes Benz

    secondly, an AMG appearance package that tightens up the lower fascia
    and a lineup of seven wheel options
    it has also new design for electric car
    the lack of a front trunk and the charging port location
    Mercedes selected the charger port up on the right rear fender

    The interiors

    Electric Mercedes Benz
    Electric Mercedes Benz

    Electric Mercedes Benz goes on in the five-seat interior that contours and comforts were mostly mapped out in the GLC
    You will recognize the centre console, dashboard and ten-mile long MBUX screen but a little part bin raiding is always welcome at a company that does cabins as Mercedes
    It considers a wonderful place, comfortable and smart
    The rose gold accents and ribbed metal are cool, the latter of which is supposed to mimic a computer heatsink
    and The EQC has the front-facing camera projects an image of the upcoming maneuver
    Also the infotainment screen with giant arrows suspended in space like a virtual will-o-the wisp
    and MBUX packs some features to make adjusting to electric life a little easier

    The system will monitor intended charging stops along your planned route and adjust if they fill up

    E-power in the EQC

    firstly The power unfurls from a pair of asynchronous electric motors, one fitted to each axle. Drawing energy from a 1400 pound, 80 KWh lithium ion battery to push a combined 402 horsepower and 5661 pound feet of torque
    The split between the two is varied, running in near FWD mode around town and going mostly RWD in spirited situations
    With off the shelf parts usage in electrics set to reduce the number of standout differences between automakers, EQC engineers were quick to argue that there is still some Daimler magic in the battery motor
    and The fact is EV drivetrains are doing plenty of whirring and whining
    Nowhere was this more apparent than in the husband EQC where the NVH team isolated both drive units under two layers of rubber and stuffed acoustic foam in every cabin vent they could




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