Toyota hiace Van

    Toyota hiace van is as of now 50 years of age vehicle. Be that as it may, during this period it has changed through different portions. It was a minivan, minibus, van, taxi, rescue vehicle. In its
    country, purchasers can buy it only in
    Toyotaped stores. The 2019 Toyota HiAce will
    be again offered as a traveller van and a
    business vehicle. With such an offer, there is no
    stress for HiAce’s future
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    now you will read and know more knowledge in Toyota hiace Van 2019

    Toyota hiace Van


    Toyota hiace Van
    Toyota hiace Van

    The important advantage of the 2019 Toyota hiace will be again its powertrain
    Also, the Japanese company already got us used to their durability
    A diesel 1KD FTV engine is reliable
    The previous models appears a lot of powerful therefore drivers can not complain about major things
    Also, this is one of the least quality models while you compare the entire Toyota’s range

    Toyota hiace Van engine

    Toyota hiace van 2019 is a 1KD FTV diesel engine
    This unit was released in 2000 and it considers one of the most favourite powertrains outside the USA
    It depends on configuration a 3.0-liter diesel unit can proceed different outputs
    For the Toyota hiace 2019
    Also the engine comes 140 horsepower and 250 IB-FT of torque
    This 3.0-liter is not too fuel-friendly as you could expect
    And buyers will choose a manual or automatic transmission

    Some countries and markets have options for the engine room
    One of these in Australia
    Also, you can purchase your 2019 hiace a 2.7-liter VVT engine that is the ability to deliver 160 hp and 240 Nm (175 lb-ft) of torque
    Also, diesel automatic transmission gets four gears, for the petrol unit it is a six-pace box

    Toyota hiace van 2019

    It is one for transporting people and the other is as a commercial vehicle, therefore, we have two types of the van with more or less space for cargo
    The first configuration will offer a total volume of 6000 liters
    The other one can take more 10000 liters or 353 cubic feet
    There is commuter bus version of 2019 will be capable to accommodate up to 14 passengers
    Also there is a version with 12 seats with air conditioning is standard and the spacious
    Interior allows enough legroom until for tailer people
    Crew van is the mix of bus and a van
    It provides a foldable second row
    In case if you need more room for cargo, simply fold down seats and create more space
    And sliding doors are available for a cargo van
    And automatic siding system is there for passenger bus

    The interior


    Toyota hiace Van

    Toyota hiace 2019 is not so generous with features
    Most buyers will be able to configure the perfect solution for their desires
    Besides the purpose, you can choose many other options
    There are five paints in the offer
    Safety features involve ABS, airbags and reverse sensors
    And 3.3-inch display sits at the center of the dashboard
    Also, vehicle stability control and hill-start assist are standard

    Toyota hiace price

    It will cost you 45000 AUD while the passenger version begins at 65000 AUD
    That is 15000 AUD more than the commercial van

    And it is 6000 USD more than the transit passenger van




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