BMW CARS are special and different from any cars
    In this article, you will read about the history of BMW cars

    Also, peekerautomotive was discussing many types of BMW such as BMW 1 series and BMW X3


    Firstly Karl Friedrich Rapp established his company in October of 1913 with tensions running high throughout Europe
    As a result, Rapp sold aircraft engines to meet the high demand at the time
    Although the great need for his service, Rapp’s aircraft engines included an inherent flaw that caused the engine to test unwanted vibrations and his business started to struggle
    Also, Rapp-motorwerke was cable to hang on by a thread for many years even 1916
    Karl Rapp was nearly powered to allow a way to the financial burdens that stressed over his company through that harrowing period

    In 1917, the first BMW logo was created, it involved blue and white, an inversion of the Bavarian state colours
    After some years, the logo underwent several changes but it still stayed true to its roots
    And maintaining its original blue and white colours
    After that in 1922, BMW replaced their production facility to the iconic oberwiesenfeld airfield near Munich
    The headquarters situated in Munich manufacturers over 200000 cars every year and hires over 9000 employees
    As world war II swept Europe, BMW started to manufacture war supplies for the German war machine
    BMW’s shifted to producing war materials was quite common through that time
    Also, BMW started to hire a foreign worker in 1940




    In 1951, BMW demonstrated to be a survivor and bounced back by producing its first automobile since the outbreak of the war
    This vehicle was called the 501 and known for its large interior that could sit six people comfortably
    However its failure, the 501 gave BMW to get back on track and rebuilt the company’s reputation as a top of the line vehicle manufacturer

    In 1959 Daimter-benz tried to acquire BMW
    And the BMW shareholders determined to reject the offer at the end of the year with the cash assistance from the rebounding German government
    it  had survived two world wars and was stronger than ever as a result



    Then BMW started to refresh through the 60s and 70s
    And they worked in their goal in multiple ways
    BMW cars started its period of growth in 1971
    By rebuilding its own financial subsidiary organization
    BMW requires an entity to finance their growth that involved supporting the growing number of BMW dealerships around the world

    In 1972 the company released its newest BMW motorsport subsidiary
    BMW motorsport was known for its top of the line standards and started to gain recognition for the power and the quality of its vehicles

    After the decades, the name BMW became famous with luxury
    With its lines of sedans and sports cars

    In 1990 BMW unlocked a research and innovation centre in Munich
    And the facility welcomed an army of engineers, managers, scientists, designers and the other innovative staff to create luxury top of the line vehicles
    In 1994 BMW set up in the US

    This newest move gave BMW not only to expand its global operation, but it allowed the company to manufacturer cars right in the backyard of its biggest consumer

    Today, BMW goes on to look forwards the future with technology and profitability as its main focuses



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