Ford 150 lighting tribute

    ford 150 lighting tribute begins as a standard-issue 2017 f-150 XL regular cab with the 6-1/2 bed
    mechanically, it’s spec with the optional 5.0-litre V8, an electronic locking rear diff with a 3.55 ratio, a six-speed automatic with manual shifting
    and a transmission cooler that is involved with the towing package

    also, this configuration is about as well as they can get to the original lightning formula in more ways than one, the most obvious being that it’s the shortest and so lightest V8 f-150 configuration possible.

    also, peekerautomotive was talked about Ford models

    Ford 150 lighting tribute

    perhaps the original lightning is it’s also devoid of some of the more features that modern trucks are known for.
    To take a regular cab f-150 without all the chrome,

    the only option is to get the XL trim that has limitations of its own
    This means no leather seats, no big nav screen and no premium audio

    Some of the nicer options are tied to a chrome trim package but since the old lightning didn’t have a lick of chrome on it

    Now modern trucks have come so far that even this relatively basic truck still comes with ford’s brilliant pro trailer backup assist
    It also features very comfortable seats

    Ford 150 lighting tribute

    Ford’s 2018 + lightning tributes follow the same general blueprint of the previous truck

    Also starting with the lightest and shortest f-150 configuration

    possible-an XL Regular cab with the 6-1/2 bed and make the most trustworthy tribute to the original lightning as a single dealer could possibly make

     New Ford 150 lighting tribute

    The new tributes with custom suede upholstery designed

    to mimic that of the originals

    Ford 150 lighting tribute 2019
    Ford 150 lighting tribute 2019

    Tribute has a similar colour pattern of the 99-04s

    and custom lightning embroidery in the seatbacks like found on the 93-95 models
    You can see great inside and it has the added bonus of being far more comfortable than the standard seats
    They used the factory seats as a base but it feels like there’s some extra padding thrown in and it has the 5.0-litre V8 fitted with Roush’s latest phase 1 supercharger kit for the 2018+f-150
    Also taking benefit of new fuel injection in the vase engine and other refinements, Rouch was cable to deliver a reliable 650 horsepower and 610 IB-ft of torque
    And the power is the same as the old phase 2 supercharger kit the previous lightning tribute used but torque is raised by 25 IB-ft
    The very last thing a truck with only 41% of its weight over the rear tires needed more of was torque but that’s exactly why it has more

    Ford 150 lighting tribute 2019
    Ford 150 lighting tribute 2019

    Pair that riot an engine with ford’s new ten-speed automatic and it never rips
    The 10AT is a welcomed addition here nonetheless
    To recap the updates and the 2018 lightning in general
    They fixed most of what needed to be fixed and left all the good stuff alone
    The lightning tribute keeps one of the most hilarious vehicles you can imagine
    650 horsepower in something with the high centre of gravity
    A light rear and aerodynamic properties of a brick.



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