Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 is the compact V8 family supercar for all occasions
    It is different rivals from alfa romeo, BMW cars and Audi
    The Mercedes AMG C63 is available not just in two power outputs but a full four body styles
    You can get a brilliant wide-arched, outrageous-looking two-door C63 coupe or a canvas-roofed C63 Cabriolet

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    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

    All four changes are available in standard 463bhp/479 ft C63 guise, or in C63 S tune, complete with 503 bhp, 516Ib ft, a Race mode and a performed traction control system that lets you turn up or dial down
    Also, there are two titles of C63s:

    a new gearbox inherited from the AMG E63 big brother

    and a lot of modes
    Modes for the differential-that is now electronically actuated in both the C63 and C63 s modes for the suspensions, the engine gearbox, exhaust, traction and stability control even the standard-fit digital dashboard has three different display choices

    The AMG harmonies the sharpest, strongest, most powerful engine in its class with an absurdly friendly, approachable chassis, masses of real-world speed fun

    and it has the tech and the gearbox to live up to the rest of the package

    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 specs 


    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63  
    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

    This generation of C63 has never had powerful steering, but the weighting is at least less gloopy than BMW M4’s and less brilliant than the numb Audi RS5
    Also, it’s a mite slower than Alfa Giulia QV,

    therefore the car feels less hyperactive while you are changing direction rapidly
    The coupe is a 1.735kg car- heavier even than the saloon, thanks to the 50mm wider rear axle with huge reinforcement but the C63 disguises it’s mass wonderful

    AMG dynamics is a four-stage system for tweaking the behaviour of the electronic rear differential’s lock-up phase

    It’s torque vectoring and how it interacts with the stable control
    Its most benign setting is named basic, next up, advanced mode
    Pro mode is for fast road driving, where agility is key and then there’s worrying titled AMG master setting as a last resort, that sets everything up for, well, masters

    The interior


    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63
    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

    C63 get a new, complex and rather an ugly steering wheel with touchpads for controlling the main command interface

    and the standard-fit widescreen digital dashboard
    Also the knurled metal switchgear for cruise control and so on contrasts markedly with the horribly cheap plastic toggles that hang from the steering wheel to deal with the many modes
    The driving position is focussing on, but the bucket seats are rather firm, so aim to try before you buy

    Rear seat space is a C-class strong suit the two doors obviously suffer for this but they are about on a par with a Porsche 911
    The estate has a 490-litre boot reaching to 1.510 litres with all seats folded to unleash all 503bhp without anything else



    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63
    Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

    Firstly, although the 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 being a downsized engine, versus the 6.2-litre engine it replaced, it’s not much more economical
    Do not be alarmed and think new C63s have got a lot thirstier, just looking back at the figures


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