Toyota corolla hatchback 2019


Toyota corolla hatchback 2019 is a head-turner,

bringing some sorely needed styling updates, inside and out
also, peekerautomotive was talked about Toyota models in the specific topic
the corolla hatchback is not established on the current Toyota Corolla sedan or the Toyota corolla IM, that it switches

Toyota corolla hatchback 2019


it comes with new styling inside and out, a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, two new transmissions and the new Toyota safety sense 2.0 suite of safety technologies
Toyota corolla hatchback includes global architecture lies underneath, along with suspensions upgrades
There are technology updates such as a larger, 8-inch touchscreen is now standard
Also, the multimedia system adds much-desired connectivity features as apple carplay and amazon alexa, two USB ports and a Qi wireless android smartphone charging pad
It also includes a 7-inch electronic display that serves most instrument panel functions


The Toyota corolla HB has 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine

makes 168 horsepower and 151 pounds-feet of the torque, an improvement of 31 hp and 25 pounds-feet over the corolla iM, significant leaps that support the corolla HB feel lighter on its feet

Also, the new transmissions, the dynamic-shift continuously variable transmission and a six-speed manual, both of which are available on either trim level

The CVT features a fixed 1st gear that it is using to launch

from a stop before transferring over to work like a conventional CVT
This offers smoother releases and cancels some of the initial rubber-band-type delays in accelerator response that conventional CVT’s exhibit off the line

Toyota corolla hatchback 2019
Toyota corolla hatchback 2019

In addition, the transmission features 10 present gear ratios that drivers can flip among with the standard paddle shifters, giving the feeling of a conventional stepped-gear transmission

The CVT feels in many ways like a normal automatic transmission, that is the point
Off the line, the fixed-gear provides more linear acceleration

and it transitions into conventional CVT mode
The new six-speed manual transmission is a big improvement

over that in the corolla IM, that has a stranger high clutch catch point and gears that are hard to find
The Toyota Corolla hatchback manual transmission also is with a new rev-matching feature
And the engine will rev up to meet the transmission’s speed if you choose a lower gear
For smoother downshifts



Toyota corolla hatchback 2019
Toyota corolla hatchback 2019

Despite all those mechanical updates (which work quite well), I believe that the Toyota ringlet Hatchback’s additional significant changes area unit its improved multimedia system and safety technology.

The transmission, as mentioned before,
gets a bigger, normal 8-inch touchscreen and property upgrades. Moving up to the XSE adds satellite radio and Entune three.0 Connected Services, whereas associate degree nonmandatory third system adds native (built-in) navigation, replacement the quality Scout GPS link compatible system that employs the in-dash show, however, depends on associate degree app running on your smartphone.

Not solely will the new screen look higher, however
its position is nice additionally.
It sits high on the dashboard for simple visibility
however not to this point forward that it’s inaccessible.
In different vehicles with high screens, like Toyota’s additionally redesigned 2019 Avalon sedan,
you wish to lean approach forward to achieve those
controls or have Go-Go-Gadget arms.
within the Toyota ringlet Hatchback, I might keep
seated well within the driver’s seat associate
degreed simply reach an arm up to access all corners
of the touchscreen and therefore the physical
controls flanking it.
the remainder of the ringlet Hatchback’s controls
area unit tightly clustered right beneath the screen
and straightforward to access additionally.



Toyota corolla hatchback 2019
Toyota corolla hatchback 2019

Toyota corolla hatchback brings equipped with a suite of safety technology named Toyota safety sense 2.0, a mix of new technologies and updates to existing systems that were a part of TSS-P, the standard suite of safety features found on the 2018 corolla sedan

New features involve lane remaining for the lane departure prevention system, road sign reading and daytime detection for cyclists that is tied into the forward automatic emergency braking