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Toyota supra 2020 specs and safety


Toyota supra 2020 makes its triumphant return to the Japanese automaker’s lineup

it considers Durable, elegant and with a different appearance.

Toyota supra 2020

Engine, transmission, and performance


All supra models are with an eight-speed automatic and performed only with rear-wheel drive
At our test track, the supra laid down some impressive acceleration numbers: zero to 60 MPH N 3.8 seconds and zero to 100 mph in only 9.5 that puts it in the big leagues against the Chevrolet corvette
Performance is smooth and powerful inline-six, well-matched automatic transmission, a blast on road or track
In fact, it’s even faster than the vaunted fourth-generation supra  forced by a twin-turbocharged inline-six that made 320 horsepower

The supra will gain a stick later in its production run; a lower-priced four-cylinder model rumoured

There are many features for the supra 2020 like its steering is accurate, nicely weighted and direct that enhances its amusement to drive personality

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Interior, infotainment, cargo

Toyota supra 2020
Toyota supra 2020

The driver-powered cockpit is tight, and despite the double-bubble roof offers some additional headroom, the tallest drivers will feel pinched
Cargo space  cramped, however, the cargo area should be roomy enough for a couple of duffle bags, a week’s worth of groceries for two, and maybe even a set of golf clubs depending on the bulkiness of the bag

Toyota’s interior shared with the Z4, therefore, those familiar with BMW cars switchgear and infotainment controls will feel right at home

Toyota supra 2020

It features a 6.5-inch display, but a larger 8.8-inch display with navigation and apple car play capability is available
The supra stands out from its BMW brethren with elements like 14-way adjustable bucket seats that securely bolster while comfortably cradle, an optional 12-speaker JBL audio system that sounds fantastic and some high-quality leather and carbon fibre materials on the dash and centre console

Also between first and third gear, this is car stupid quick
And there are huge burst of power the moment you hit the gas and all 365 pound-feet of twist punch you in the chest at just 1.600 RPM
The ZF eight-speed automatic clicks through the gears, decisively enough, like the supra sprints to 60 miles per hour in a manufacturer-estimated 4.1 seconds
Established on our butt test, it feels a touch quicker

Toyota supra 2020


moreover, The supra’s perfect 50/50 distribution, 3,397-pound curb weight and BMW-sourced engine all anyone really speaks about but do not ignore this car’s double-joint McPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension, nor its limited-slip rear differential
Those features are just as important to the Supra’s character
The electronically actuated diff transfers power laterally between the rear wheel-proactively as the car needs it
It independent wheel braking supports prevents the tries from breaking loose, allowing more speed in the corners, and keeps oversteer to a minimum
Still, these nannies are not over intrusive and keep the backend lively and fun

Fuel economy


Toyota supra 2020
Toyota supra 2020

also, Fuel economy ratings for supra are excellent, earning 31 mpg highway, 24 mpg city, and 26 mpg combined
That’s more efficient than the corvette, the cayman GTS and the M2

Safety and driver-assistance features

Toyota supra 2020
Toyota supra 2020

above all, This car has not been tested by the national highway traffic safety administration or the insurance institute for high was safety
Toyota provides a host of driver-assistance features as standard across the supra lineup, involving automated emergency braking
There are additional features as adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring, can be added via the driver assistance package for $1195.
Key safety features include:
firstly, standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection
secondly, standard lane-departure warning
thirdly, standard automatic high-beam headlamps

Warranty and maintenance coverage

Toyota supra 2020
Toyota supra 2020

The supra provides slightly longer powertrain coverage however it shares much with the Z4
-the limited warranty covers 3 years or 36.000 miles
-powertrain warranty covers 5 years or 60.000 miles
– complimentary maintenance covered for 2 years or 25.000 miles




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