Formula E Car Gen2 a closer overview

Formula E car is Federation Internationale de l’Automobile’s masterpiece of their racing cars.

They always strive to get innovative tech into the industry.

Moreover, they are introducing the future within their new electric vehicle.

Formula e car gen2 comes with new tires up to the hip of the roll hoop.

Its futuristic look makes it a car from the future type of their models.

Safety is all what they seek in constructing their own cars’ interior and tech, therefore they made whether gen1 or two as safer as an e car can get.

Formula E car Exterior Design

Formula e car gen2 strikes out to be the most exquisite car among FIA championship cars.

Its design is much more than a regular car as they embedded neon lights all over the car’s body.

The lights on the halo gets two lights according to the mode that the driver has engaged in.

For instance, if the driver has engaged in an attack mode, the lights grow magenta.

In addition, in the racing mode the lights grow blue in order for the fans to know the strategy of their favorite driver.

This batmobile-esque aero update is not only about the looks that no car before this one has, but it also helps the driver to race.

The aim of this design is not just decreasing downforce; instead, it is to help maintaining aerodynamic grip while following another car.

The unique X-wing adding allows the rear wing to be downsized as most of the car’s downforce now comes from the underfloor.

In order to reduce the turbulence to the car after, the front wheels are partially enclosed and the car’s bodywork behind them cleans up the routes along the flanks of the car.

 Battery and Powertrain

Formula e car
Formula e car

The car comes with double the battery of the previous generation, which is outstanding.

The Formula car now, with this battery that has increased to 250kw can cover the full race distance.

That being said, Formula e car can reach 280 km/h (174 mph), this will be potential to the driver to have more possibilities to win his competitors.
Formula’s e car powertrain contains from three main things, which is the inverter, motor and transmission.

In order for the motor to drive the wheels, this inverter takes the electricity from the battery and coverts it from DC to AC.

The motor making it able to drive properly uses this alternating current (AC).

As for the transmission, it is up to the driver to make the proper use of the power delivered from the battery via the motor.

The Electronic Unit (ECU)

This braking system is especially for this Formula e car gen2 model in order to make the racing experience safer.

This only affects the rear brakes, while the driver presses the brake pedal; the ECU balances how much braking the driver wants and the Regan set up will supply the effect.

ECU gives the rear brakes enough balance, and for the driver a consistent braking effect.

Tires and suspension

Formula e car gen2 has the all-new Michelin pilot sport all-weather tire, in which is for the special demands of electric racing cars.

The tire also comes with new magnificent graphic design exclusively for the Formula e car gen2.

As for the suspension, it is what keeps the car balanced through the corners.

Formula e car gen2 has a fixed design at the front; however, the manufacturers can fit and set up their own dampers.

In addition, the rear suspension design; however, is down to the team with the rockers and dampers that suit the powertrain.

Although, Tesla model3 stroke out the industry with its futuristic looks, this car stroke the formula industry as well.



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