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Honda Civic 2020 Models and Prices

Honda Civic 2020 made all the way through being magnificent.

Therefore, Honda made it clear that it can lead their future properly in the industry.

Honda Civic 2020

Honda is manufacturing many models under their umbrella, one of these models are the Honda Civic 2020 sedan.

Not only they are manufacturing this sedan model, but also a huge range of other marvelous Honda cars is in their kitchen.

Honda Civic 2020 Family

1) Honda Civic 2020 Coupe.

2) Honda Civic 2020 Si Coupe.

3) Honda Civic 2020 Sedan.

4) Honda Civic 2020 Si Sedan.

5) Honda Civic 2020 Hatchback.

This range of cars Honda is manufacturing is eye-catching, especially for their community.

While the sedan model along with the Si coupe will get similar styling upgrades like the 2019 model.

The Hatchback model will get a new front and rear styling, unlike the 2019 model.

Specifications of Honda Civic 2020


The coupe model comes with a new modernized c-shaped look and its standard sporting powers.

On the other hand, the Si coupe model will come with exclusive touches like 18-inch alloy wheels and bold red seat stitching.

However, the sedan series will come with c-shaped taillights, sleek profile and a bold sport trim that will make it fierce.

The coupe model will feature a 450Wh, 10 speaker premium audio system, and Apple CarPlay.

In addition, it will come with an Android Auto integration; therefore, it will keep you well connected.

The sedan model will provide you with a smart tech that will keep you updated all the way with its satellite-linked Navigation system.

Besides, it comes with a CarPlay as well as Honda LaneWatch that will make it easier to change lanes.


Both models whether the sedan or the coupe will come with drivetrain up to 174 horsepower.

On the other hand, the coupe version will have a turbocharged engine that will make it facile to exhilarate.

The other sedan model has a fully independent suspension and a choice between transmissions.

Models Prices

Honda increased their Honda Civic models prices by $600 for the sedan and coupe models.

Moreover, the price of the two models became $25,930 including the $930 destination charge.

However, if you want to get your models with summer tires you will pay $200 more.

The price for both models will come to a range of $26,130.

On the other hand, the Hatchback model will cost you $22,580 including the $930 destination charge.

Besides, the Hatchback with manual transmission will cost you $23,680.

Moreover, the 6-speed manual model will cost you $28,980 while the sport touring with the CVT will cost you $29,780.

These models went on sale two days ago, and are available in the showrooms now.

Therefore, before going to a showroom consider reading about each model carefully in order to have the info you need before buying.

Honda has made its customers satisfied with their hard work in the past years.

Moreover, their community has been widened colossally, which is their biggest success as a multinational corporation.

So, the next time you are thinking about purchasing a new car or even upgrade for a nice, yet practical car, think of Honda.

Release date

Honda’s models’ release date was on eight, October 2019 and are now available in all Honda’s showrooms.
The Civic family has its own reputation since the first car release, so their fan base is wider than ever.
Like any car manufacturer, they meet their fan needs and keep them updated by their tech and improvements.
Moreover, they strive to be the best in the industry and they are gaining their place, notwithstanding the competition.



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