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Mini Cooper SE the Future of Electric Cars

Mini Cooper SE is considered one of the most elegant, and futuristic cars ever.

Moreover, Mini has made it clear that they are the best.

They made it out to the world for decades that they are making their way out to be the best in the industry.

Therefore, it has been clear that they are whether in engaging in making electric cars or just their normal.

Mini Cooper SE Design

Mini Cooper SE Design is most likely to be like the standard Mini Hardtop.

The Mini Electric logo has a futuristic look, and the yellow bits are really magnificent as it goes all around the car.

As for the wheels’ design it is like most of the Minis, unique and eye-catching.

SE Interior

Mini Cooper SE
Mini Cooper SE

Mini Cooper Se interior has what it takes to be called an environment- friendly kind of a vehicle.

Besides, it has a 5.5 inch color screen for a digital instrument panel.

In addition, the car has its specific gear as well as an electronic parking brake with a 6.5 inch touchscreen.

This touchscreen is for the car’s navigation system and AppleCarPlay as standard equipment.

It will also come with a dual-zone automatic control system as well as a unique heat-pump design.

This unique heat-pump design will use 75% less energy than a traditional electric heater.

Mini has also revealed that the Mini Cooper SE will come in three different trim levels amd limited range of colors.

The three expected trim levels will come as follow; Signature, Signature Plus, and Iconic.

The car’s technology will allow each Se owner to heat or cool the inside atmosphere through a Smartphone app.


Mini Cooper SE Range

The car’s T-shaped battery under the floor has a capacity of 32.6kWh, which might not seem quite enough.

However, the car’s range is quite impressive as it can go between 146 and 168 miles by European standards.

One of the most impressive privileges that an SE owner might enjoy is the two-stage regenerative braking system.

The two-stage regenerative braking system lets the driver to use a single pedal if he/she wants.

SE pricing

The car is now in the pre-order stage and the expected price comes as follow; £24,400 in the UK.

However, in Germany it is estimated to start from €32,500, which is a bit affordable.

As for The Netherlands, you can pre-order the car with €34,900, which is fairly expansive.

Therefore, for a mini fan you should undoubtedly put the SE in your consideration and go pre-order your future electric car.



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