tesla model x 2019

Tesla Model X 2019 is considered the safest SUV amongst all Teslas.

In addition, it looks as futuristic as any Tesla would be.

Tesla Model X Interior & Exterior

tesla model x 2019
tesla model x 2019


This model comes with a huge and more convenient interior.

Furthermore, it comes with a seating ability up to seven adults.

Besides, it has a 17-inch touchscreen with a seven-seat configuration option for maximum cargo.

The touchscreen display is designed to improve over time with the available updates.

Moreover, the car has over-the-air software updates in order to introduce new features and performance.

Additionally, the car has the largest all-glass panoramic windshield with optimized solar tinting.

Not only has it a magnificent interior, but also has a futuristic and fabulous design as well.

In addition, it comes with a spoiler that provides incredible aerodynamics.

Moreover, that makes it the lowest drag coefficient of any vehicle in its class.

Additionally, it comes with falcon-wing doors that enhance accessibility to the second and third rows.

Range and Performance

Tesla Model X 2019 has the longest range of any sports vehicle, which can get you anywhere you want to go.

Moreover, it can go up to 328 miles with a single charge.

In addition, you can charge up to 115 miles in just 15 minutes at any supercharger location.

Tesla Company now has more than 14,000 superchargers located along well-traveled routes around the world.

Besides, it has gone far with their car ranges as the previous Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y did not match this one.

Moreover, this particular model is said to be the quickest SUV ever with acceleration from zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds.

Furthermore, the All-Wheel Drive instantly controls its traction in all weather conditions.


The car comes with advanced technologies such as autopilot.

Moreover, this autopilot is for a more safe experience for the driver.

Besides, in order to have full control while on the road, the car comes with a 360 degree rear and side cameras.

In addition, the car comes with a forward-facing camera as well to provide maximum visibility.

This forward-facing camera provides a long-range view of distant objects.

Furthermore, the Tesla Model X can detect any nearby cars and prevent potential collisions with its ultrasonic sensors.

Therefore, if you want a quick and safe electric car, go with this model without a doubt.