Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe

    Mercedes –Amg GT R Coupe proves AMG’s improvement and racing expertise and pushes the limits of dynamic driving even further making the Amg DNA even more enjoyable

    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe



    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe combined so much motorsport technology in a production vehicle as in the new Mercedes

    Amg GT R Coupe from the ultralight carbon fiber exterior

    even reach to the deepest interior to the high-performance power train
    During intensive collaboration of aerodynamics and design,

    a high-performance sports car has grown up that neither

    the air nor the viewer can resist
    Also, these headlamps are noticing in two respects :
    Firstly, all-LED technology they enable you to see and be seen better and so provide enhanced safety with their striking

    design the front lights and tail lights are already stunning through the day, when at night their technical excellence shines through in particular

    The AMG Performance exhaust system with flap control

    collects between a formidable sound with low weight
    AMG High-performance complex brakes system in your reliable partner when it brings to decrease speed and enable

    outstanding deceleration values
    Reliability in extreme things, even when full brake application many times in succession: the AMG ceramic superior

    composite brake delivers retardation performance that you simply will estimate even in exceptional things. it’s additionally lighter than typical brake systems – less unsprung lots for increased driving dynamics and gracefulness.

    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe
    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe

    Also, high-performance material meets high- performance car: High-performance material meets superior car: the carbon-fiber parts for the outside underline the flashy character of your Mercedes-AMG GT R and lend your vehicle a fair

    a lot of flashy and technologically advanced look. the advantages of the fabric from the planet of motorsport, specifically high strength combined with low weight, square measure an ideal match for the AMG philosophy.


    This AMG wheel is systematically designed in an exceedingly grippy DINAMICA microfiber – for good grip and precise steering. The AMG signature planar kind comes from motorsport and emphasizes the sportiness of the cockpit. Ergonomically positioned touch-control buttons supply intuitive simple use and promote centred driving.

    With the AMG wheel buttons, you’ll be able to create your

    wheel radically sporty: These enable quick and correct operation of specific driving dynamics functions. For a centred,

    focused associated performance-oriented driving expertise – and for an authentic
    racecar atmosphere within the cockpit.

    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe
    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe


    AMG Bucket Seats

    Optimum lateral support provides minimal weight: with the AMG bucket seats, you can get pole position in the first low. Featuring manual fore /aft in the first row, the bucket seats are significantly lighter than conventional seats courtesy of their intelligent lightweight construction
    With maximum sportiness in terms of their seating foundations for optimum handling poise and assurance
    The strongly contoured at the shape with integral head restraints and AMG badge
    collects perfect lateral help when adopting a sporty driving style with a dynamic appearance

    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe
    Mercedes Amg GT R Coupe



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