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Hyundai Loniq Electric: an in-depth review

Hyundai Loniq Electric is one masterpiece of Hyundai that drew the attention of its fans.

Moreover, it is considered a direct rival to Nissan Leaf.

Hyundai Loniq Electric Interior

Hyundai Loniq Electric
Hyundai Loniq Electric

The car comes with a new styling and brand-new dashboard design along with upgraded materials.

In addition, the car comes with new lighting and controls as well.

Besides, the brand-new 10.25-inch split touchscreen will add some marvelous look to the car on the inside.

Not only, the screen is wide and has CarPlay and Android Auto, but also can easily split between different displays.

Moreover, it has some physical buttons as well, so that leaving no distractions for the driver.

The car also comes with Hyundai’s new Bluelink connectivity that uses an embedded 4G modem.

Furthermore, giving you full live info on traffic and charging stations that will be in great help while on road.

Speed cameras’ locations are also in the car’s system to the driver to enhance the driving experience.

Drivers can also check in on the car remotely to know its charge level along with setting the heater.

Therefore, the car is much more than a normal electric car that will offer you great and useful options.

However, there are also cloud-based voice control and a multi Bluetooth function.

Moreover, that allows the driver to connect up to two phones at the same time.

Hyundai Loniq Electric Driving Experience

The car’s powerful motor allows it to accelerate better than the previous versions.

Moreover, the 100kw motor allows it to accelerate from zero to 52mph in 9.7 seconds.

This car, however, is not a powerful electric one like the Tesla Model 3, but it goes perfectly for Hyundai fans.

As for the brakes, the car has a new feature, which is the fully adjustable driver-controlled regenerative braking.

Furthermore, the driver will barely touch the brakes while driving with the three modes the car offers.

Moreover, that will allow for one-pedal driving, which makes the driver able to stop the car without using the brake pedal.

Besides, that will make great use of battery’s energy, the brake pedal is for emergencies though.

The car also has enough space to let everything you need into your car’s back.

As for the steering, the wheel feels light in your hands, which gives the driver better controlling.

Handling is surprising as the low center of gravity gives it a fabulous sense of composure and liveliness.

Charging and Pricing

The car’s battery capacity makes it take longer to recharge, as it takes up to six hours to reach 100% on a 7kw charger.

While it can reach 80% in around an hour on a 50kw charger.

As for pricing, the price starts from $30,315 for the Electric version, while the limited version worth $36,815.

Hyundai makes their cars with a lot of consideration to their fans, therefore this one of their best.

Furthermore, put the car into consideration, if you are willing to change or renew your car.

For it has what it takes to be a good electric car with a lot of surprising features.

However, it cannot compete with cars Like Tesla Model 3, which is the perfect electric car amongst all.




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