Amica mutual insurance


Amica mutual insurance is one of the largest company that specialized in car insurance

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Amica mutual insurance

Amica auto insurance coverage options

above all, Amica offers the quality menu of automotive vehicle coverage, the policies go with some engaging intrinsic perks, including:

firstly, Depreciation won’t be taken into consideration if your automobile is destroyed at intervals the primary year of possession (not offered altogether states).

secondly, Free lock replacement if you lose your keys or they took.

thirdly, Free repair of AN airbag when it deploys.

fourthly, Total compensation for lost earnings if you

move to court at Amica’s request.


firstly, advantage rewards: you gain points for good driving, time with the company, referring new customers or adding other policies

You can use the points for accident forgiveness means preventing a price increase if you get in an accident

secondly, identify fraud monitoring:  the service gets 24/7 monitoring at the three major credit bureaus and access to a fraud specialist if your identity is stolen

thirdly, full glass coverage: you pay no trimming for glass repairs

fourthly, Prestige rental coverage: you get up to $5000 toward the rental of a comparable car if yours is in an accident

Amica mutual insurance
Amica mutual insurance

Amica homeowners insurance coverage options

1-home business coverage pays for work-related items if they’re  lost or stolen

2-Catastrophic coverage pays for property damage from earthquakes or floods

3-Dwelling replacement coverage pays out if your home needs repairs exceeding the policy limit up to 30%

4-additional coverage for liability and medical payments, business property and theft of valuables

5-replacement cost reimbursement for damaged or stolen items

6-water backup/sump overflow: in case water backup causes damage, up to $5000

7-Credit card coverage worth up to $5000 if your card used fraudulently

8-computer coverage, which includes tablets, smart TVs and phones

9- lose assessment plan, that covers community property near your home