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Toyota Mirai 2021 review


Toyota Mirai 2021 has a biggest change in the completely redesigned

The 2021 Mirai has grown up, graduating to a much larger, front engine, rear -drive platform

Also, peeker automotive was talked about Toyota Corolla 2020 in specific topic

Toyota Mirai 2021

It’s quite shock that the redesigned second-generation 2021 Toyota Mirai exists in any respect. The first-generation Mirai was ne’er destined for mass sales success.

For one, its future-car-as-seen-through-the-lens-of-’90s-anime styling verified a tough pill to swallow.

it absolutely was dear, too, however even setting

aside appearance and value, there simply are not several places within the country wherever you’ll be able to refuel

a hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Today, public gas refueling stations solely exist in island,

Hawaii, and inhabited town centers in Golden State, together with l. a. , point of entry, Sacramento and city.

The odds then were definitely against the initial Mirai, however Toyota has determined to go ahead with a second-generation model which will a minimum

of address the styling concern.

Thanks partially to a replacement rear-wheel-drive platform, the 2021 Mirai has elegant proportions,

with a protracted hood complemented by a sleek, coupe-like cover. There area unit parts of Camry, Avalon and even a small amount of above within the nose,

whereas the rear finish recollects the fastback profile of the Kia Stinger and also the ducktail rear lip of the Tesla Model S. associate degree improved interior with some Lexus aptitude is additionally within the cards,

and Toyota says that

a lot of upmarket cabin are quieter than that of the previous model.


The interior gets an identical overhaul, with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a lot of standard dashboard layout.

,  replaced by a driver-centric cockpit style with a lot of horizontal layout to the controls. the remainder of the inside appearance to be as premium as in any Toyota.

As the styling goes from flagrant to elegant, therefore too can the Mirai’s performance improve. Toyota says the new automotive can see its vary extended by thirty p.c, from the 312 miles of the present automotive. higher mechanics and augmented H storage capability can play a locality, however the Mirai’s powertrain hardware also will get upgrades.

Toyota Mirai 2021 interior
Toyota Mirai 2021 interior

Fuel economy

A new second generation fuel cell stack will make more power and further development of the components shared with toyota’s legion of hybrids battery, electric motor generator and power will translate to improved efficiency


The Mirai was the primary electric cell electrical vehicle that any auto manufacturer would really allow you to get instead of lease.

nonetheless with a sticker value slightly below $60,000 and sweetheart lease deals that cowl journeys to the provision station, nearly all Mirai drivers have chosen to lease. presently the Mirai lease is $2,499 up front,

and $389 per month for thirty six months, which incorporates 3 years or $15,000 of element fuel. Expect that to extend for the second generation, conterminous with Toyota’s positioning the new Mirai as a flagship for the whole.

Toyota Mirai 2021
Toyota Mirai 2021






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