2021 RIVIAN R1T Specs and price

2021 RIVIAN R1T is an all-electric truck from the new American startup brand Rivian.

Moreover, it looks way more futuristic than any other truck.

Therefore, the startup promised that the car will come with more than 400 miles of driving range with an acceleration time of a supercar.

The company also added that the car is not just a concept; however, it will enter production to be available in two years.

With 215.6 inches long, it comes in between the mid-size pickups and full-size trucks.

Thus, it will be in great use for super trucks lovers for what it will have.

2021 RIVIAN R1T Engine and Performance

The car comes with a standard All-wheel drive that is much alike the one in Tesla Model X.

That being said, each axle of the car is powered by its individual electric motor.

In addition, it will come with a range of 105,135, and 180-kWh battery packs offering a lot of options to drivers.

Besides, it will also come with ranges of more than 230,300, and 400 driving miles.

However, the quickest model of the three available is the one with 135 kWh as it comes with 754 horsepower.

The startup also claims that it goes from zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

Additionally, level 3 autonomous tech will be standard on all versions with adjustable air suspension.

Interior and Price

Interior and Price
Interior and Price

The car’s cabin comes with a leather and wooden interior with large displays for the gauge cluster as well as the infotainment system.

It has also a large trunk under the front hood, which make a reasonable space for what you need.

2021 RIVIAN R1T will go on sale in late 2020 with a starting price of $69,000 for the 105-kWh version.

However, the 180-kWh will enter productions first then the others will follow after 12 months.

Moreover, the company said that they will sell their vehicles directly with consumers.

Although, they said that they will set up a network of service along with Tesla-like stores.


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