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2020 BMW M3 Sedan Body Style

2020 BMW M3 Sedan is the latest M3 series, We were able to caught the latest model of BMW M3 2020 with Sedan body style,

It has a code name (G80) testing with less camo, there was few photos snapped to the new M3 at the “Ring”.
The new car is shaping up to be aggressive as we’d hoped.

The prototypes from BMW cars are still heavily disguised as we used to, but telltales signs include the trademark quad exhaust pipes, big alloy nice wheels.

and obviously beefed-up brakes, it has been designed to push the rear axle into the tarmac at the higher speed the car reaches

2020 BMW M3 Sedan

New BMW M3: how much power?

The manager of BMW M division “Markus Flasch” has confirmed to “CAR Magazine” that the next M3 car will be powered up with

The same twin-turbo six-cylinder engine as the high-performance SUVs, boasting the power outputs of 480bhp and 510bhp,it’s a move reflects Mercedes-AMG’s reflects Mercedes-AMG’s.

The next BMW M3 car will have the brand new S58 engine that they launched in the X3 and X4 M, Markus Flasch told us in an interview at August 2019,

it will have 480bhp in the standard version and 510bhp in the Competition version which is not a huge different.,

2020 BMW M3 Sedan
2020 BMW M3 Sedan

New 2020 BMW M3: two – or four-wheel drive.

They give this new car an extra power, but the question is how many wheels the new M3 car would make through,

So the answer is : both of two and four,

the base versions of the new M3 will be purely rear-wheel drive,

while pricier M xDrive all-wheel-drive variants will include the same 2wd toggle mode as the M5.

The internal nicknames is M3 and M4 Pure, which sums up their role as no-frills, back-to-the-roots extensions of the range,

They will have a little power then the plusher models, its 454bhp instead of 474bhp,

but they will be the only M3 and M4 variants without the otherwise standard eight-speed automatic transmission,

and M xDrive system will be off limits too.

  1. Markus Flasch the manager BMW M said “Pure’ was purely a working title. We’d predict Competition will continue as the badge for the punchier versions”.

To push their position as totally immersive hardcore slide masters,

and the pure editions are set to get restyled as the costumer want aprons front and rear,

it also can change the wheel designs as the costumer want also,

an optional standalone signature paintjob (unconfirmed for the UK),

it also have a special fabric and alcantara upholstery, colour-coded cabin trim and bespoke instrument graphics.

Slightly cheaper and focused, the Pure versions could have what it takes to become the M division’s real McCoys.

2020 BMW M3 Sedan
2020 BMW M3 Sedan

BMW M3 and M4 Pure: a pure-bred driver’s focus.

the pure version is only M3/M4 have been offered with a manual gearbox

because the BMW company has no stick shift that can deal with a 480 lb ft or higher,

which is the highest grade versions will exceed until now, Said torque comes from a twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six dubbed S58,

the most sophisticated in-line six-cylinder unit ever conceived by the M division. It’s fitted with water-injection to cool the high combustion temperatures,

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