BMW I3 2020 All Electric Rear Drive And Classy

BMW i3 2020 there is no point if no one notice that you are driving an electric car most likely because there are very few people

that actually know about the electric cars well, today we interduce you the 2020 BMW I3

this car has a very unfamiliar bodywork but with this funny outlook it also has a very classy interior

with that it still has a very nice big comfy room up front

and even more then that at the back all that came out with standard all-electric rear-drive powertrain

which provides up to 153 miles of range on one charge

the BMW in general can be equipped with a gas-powered engine

that also provide more range and less worry but the BMW i3 2020 looks funnier and

unfamiliar look then the Tesla Model 3 it costs a lot higher than the Chevy Bolt EV

and it has a much shorter driving range than both and therefore less appeal

BMW i3 2020 

What’s new about the 2020 BMW i3?

BMW Cars didn’t change much from the previous model year which had a bigger battery pack and greater driving ranger so, we can say that the 2020BMW i3 came out without any significant changes.

The prices for all the BMW i3 and which is the best.

  • i3: $46,000 (est.)
  • i3s: $49,000 (est.)
  • i3 with Range Extender: $49,500 (est.)
  • i3s with Range Extender: $53,000 (est.)

the BMW i3 2020 have also gas-powered range extender for those who have a longer trip on electricity alone

Also, even with the fuel replacement we wouldn’t be taking our i3 on any long road trips

Then, we should stick to the electric-only version and use it mostly for our daily commute across town as well as for brief highway stents

Although the i3s are meant to be more fun to drive

we would stick to the most affordable model While it has few choices outside the exterior and interior colors

we would choose the kit from Giga World It includes Apple CarPlay capability, heated front seats

and navigation in addition to the exclusive brown leather and grey cloth upholstery.

Cargo, Comfort, and Interior.

the interior of the BMW i3 2020 is very classy and very well crafted with the

materials that can be recyclable and the driver cabin has open that is good for air to

pass through but for those who stay at the back seat they will not be so happy as they who’s stay on the front seats,

after all the BMW i3 is a hatchback car and the back door open opposite the front doors because the back doors hinged at the rear

which it helps with the cargo placement because it makes it a little bigger

BMW i3 2020 Interior
BMW i3 2020 Interior

Driver-Assistances features and safety.

the national highway traffic safety administration didn’t crash-tested the BMW i3 2020

and they didn’t put this car at the top of safety pick by the Insurance Institute

for Highway Safety, Key safety features include:

  • Available automated emergency barking
  • Available forward-collision warning
  • Available adaptive cruise control

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