Toyota C-HR 2020

Toyota C-HR 2020, the Toyota Models add few things to this model like, the front-end looking

Also, it has an Android Auto, with LED headlights and satellite radio which is now a normal thing on all of them.

We can say that it has part of the first C-HR version came out at 2018.

For the positives and negatives, let’s talk about the positive things about it first

we can say that it has a sporty handling, That’s make is fun to draft at the corners

The Toyota Models made it a standard version has lots of features, including safety tech which is pretty awesome.

An amazing look that makes it stand out, and for the negatives it doesn’t have all-wheel drive, like all of its rivals at the market.

And even in this slow class of cars its acceleration is to lazy, its cabin can’t not isolate the noise from the engine and the road.

It also has a very small cargo space.


Toyota C-HR 2020
Toyota C-HR 2020

Toyota C-HR 2020.

Toyota C-HT 2020 Review.

Let’s say that the Toyota C-HR have lots of possibilities that haven’t been used yet, it got some benefits

Like it has a sporty handling, lots of standard features, along with young style

sadly not a single one of these options could outweigh the C-HR’s greatest liability.

To be honest with you guys this car is the slowest car we have ever tested on any class

we can say that in the last 2 years the C-HR’s start to lose its advantage agents its new rivals.

It even starts to get lower than lower until it gets out of our top 10 ranking for the SUVs

for the 2020 version

It gains Android Auto, get a nice looking front-end and loaded with more standard features

but these improvements are not enough to increase the rank of the C-HR.

And what makes it even worse, that with all weak performance, it keeps suffering from an abundance of road and wind noise.

With a very small cargo space, and let’s not forget about the missing all-wheel-drive-option since it’s a SUV.

So, if we may suggest if you are looking for a step up from hatchbacks or get a little lower than the small SUVs

We may suggest you to ignore the C-HR in favor of our class favorites

these include the Hyundai Kona, the Kia Soul, and the Honda HR-V.

All of these are a better car and gives much better performance than the 2020 Toyota C-HR.

The Toyota C-HR interior.

The inside of this car can me a big space then u would expect from such a small car

in the front seats you will find a big nice space for pretty much everything.

The back seats can tack a large adult and give me the comfort he is looking for on such a small car

but it still has some problems on it since the back-roof pillars is so thick

And the high windows make you feel a little uncomfortable, but with the big pillars

there’s very little guesswork when backing into a space

You won’t have to rely on the tiny back seats view monitor

Toyota C-HR 2020.Interior
Toyota C-HR 2020.Interior

The C-HR Prices.

  •  LE: 21,295 $
  •  XLE: 23,330 $
  • Limited 26,350 $