Chevrolet Sonic 2020

    Chevrolet Sonic 2020, let’s talk about this baby car, it’s so nice-looking small vehicle with a sporty looking body.

    The new things about this version, it has 2 new color for the body

    They also stop making the vehicle with six-speed manual transmission, part of the first sonic generation introduced for 2012.

    Now let’s talk about the positives and negatives things about the car, if we start with the positives, we can say

    With that small look you still can find a nice comfy space from the inside

    along with standard info system support full smartphone integration.

    Engine have a very decent power, it also has an amazing crash test scores.

    And for the negatives let’s say with the space it has but still have a low-rent looking materials

    along with kind a low fuel economy while its rivals have a better fuel economy

    Chevrolet Sonic 2020

    Chevy Sonic Hatchback 2020 Review.

    The days when we see a non-modern technology or a high-end equipment are gone

    but of course, it’s still a mid-range vehicle not like a (Rolls-Royce) or something.

    The Chevrolet Models gives the costumers the Sonic model and it’s a small and economic car

    that’s the same nearly the same equipment as the higher price cars provides.

    And if we talk about the options the car provides, we can say that is mixed

    with a 4G LTE hotspot, and that’s gives everyone

    using this car, a more powerful radio modem sensitive antenna far after their smartphones

    and its signal doesn’t get down for a single mark.

    Also, the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are standard and

    bring your smartphone experience right into the big, Center-mounted touchscreen

    For a small vehicle the Sonic provides a large cabin and cargo area which is pretty awesome

    It also has with a turbocharged engine can reach 138 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque to

    allow the driver to draft across intersections and make a nice work of highway merging

    it also has a smartphone-friendly technology, so let me ask you, is the big cabin and life engine is important to you on your car?

    Then the Sonic is good for you and from its name its (Sonic) small and fast, but like we said before

    it’s a mid-range cost car so it’s not perfect, we can say that the Kia Rio have a better interior

    while Honda have a better back seat for the passengers, but the Sonic playing in the middle of both of them

    while it provides both of things, a pretty much good interior cabin and high level of standard technology.

    Chevrolet Sonic 2020.Interior
    Chevrolet Sonic 2020.Interior

    Chevy Sonic Prices and Which One We Recommend?

    • LT: 19,420 $
    • Premier: 21,520 $

    The Chevy Sonic comes launched with tech options, but it still missing few things the passenger would like to have

    So, we advise you the LT trim, it has lots of awesome thing, like six-speaker audio system with satellite radio reception

    Cruise control, and of course power windows and mirrors, with the Convenience Package

    adds a compass display and enhanced driver info display, keyless entry and push-button start

    it also has a heated front seat and the driver seat have a pretty cool thing which is six-way power adjustability.

    Chevrolet Sonic 2020
    Chevrolet Sonic 2020


    Fuel economy 

    For a little, lightweight vehicle, the 2020 Sonic doesn’t think of the eco-friendliness one may anticipate. While the EPA evaluates that the Sonic will return 34 mpg on the expressway,

    we oversaw only 31 mpg in our 200-mile interstate mileage test; for correlation, the Rio oversaw 43 mpg and the Fit got 41 mpg when outfitted with a manual transmission


    Chevy offers a 7.0-inch infotainment framework as standard over the Sonic lineup. It shows a straightforward and instinctive interface, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto combination, and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Bluetooth network, a few USB ports, and a four-speaker sound framework are for the most part standard also. LT and Premier models accompany a six-speaker sound framework and SiriusXM satellite radio.