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Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 is A Mountain Climbing Car

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020, the car doesn’t have much changes, but it has a new Heritage Edition trim level.

And part of the sixth Land cruiser generation introduced in 2008, so let’s talk about the negatives and positives on this car.

Unfortunately, this car has few positives point and lots of negatives point, so let’s talk about the positives first.

It’s a pretty much a capable of-road car, comfortable cabin for an SUV vehicle, very nice view from the front glass.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020
Toyota Land Cruiser 2020

Sadly, that’s all the positives the car has, now for the negatives let’s start with 3rd row seats which is very small and impinge on the cargo space.

Also, the light brake pedal makes it very difficult to control while trying to stop it slowly

and for the fuel economy it is very poor even by a SUV standard, and here are one extra negatives

that it doesn’t have good amount number of smartphone connectivity.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 Review and Interior.

The new version of the Land Cruiser is a car living on the past, let’s say it have too much history on it

this car with this big SUV is a throwback to 2008, and this year was the last year

Toyota Models Company gives a complete redesign.

So, let me ask you this question, is using a 10 years old design on a SUV a good idea?

I don’t think so, but still count on the opinions of the customers.

The Cruiser have lots of power though, it can pull up to 8,000 pounds, it also has an off-road hardware equipment.

Also, it has a locking center differential, we can say that this vehicle is super serious of being a SUV.

Which makes a lot of its rivals at the market, to be specific at the luxury-three-row-SUV

lower than it at this matter.

The other competitors focused at the fuel economy and the ride comfy

With that direction we can say they limited the true SUV purpose which is off-road options and all that hard stuff.

And for the downside, the Land Cruiser has an old-school looking result in serious drawbacks

When it comes to road performance, braking, steering and handling all suffer as a result of the Land Cruisers size

With all that size of the car it still has kind a small cargo space, which is pretty weird

and the 3rd seats line is to small too.

Its like from the out side the car is super big but from the inside lots of things pretty small, that’s why

They now offer a new type of the Land Cruiser called Heritage Edition, and this version

of it have only 2 seats line which is pretty comfy.

The new version also has an upgraded wheel, exterior trim, but its problem is that it has a higher price than the standard version.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020,Interior
Toyota Land Cruiser 2020,Interior

Toyota Land Cruiser model’s and Prices.

Like we said before this car has 2 types the standard which called (Base), and the

upgraded one which called (Heritage Edition)

  • Base: 85,415 $
  • Heritage Edition: 87,745 $