Kia Rio 2021

    Kia Rio 2021, so far, we know very little about it but at least we know that it has 2 type which is the hatchback

    That we took our photo for it, the other one is from Sedan type, that we didn’t see just yet

    out shot was on the hatchback

    Which was spotted first time getting tested at (facelifted guise), the 4th generation of the south Korean supermini

    Kia Rio 2021
    Kia Rio 2021

    The car was released back in Oct 2016 at Paris Motor Show, so its kind a make since

    since we spotted it at getting tested.

    We believe that the car will be released at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

    like peekerautomotive was talking about Chevrolet Sonic 2020 about and many other types

    Kia Rio 2021.

    Kia Rio 2021 General Review.

    Don’t let the photos trick you, since it still a hatchback then we don’t think it will have much of changes.

    Since the changes on the front and back door would be so expensive, that’s why we believe that

    If they will change any thing it will be the front lights and back lights, and maybe the redesigned bumpers.

    We also noticed that it has a 17-inch alloy wheels, by the way we could be looking at the new Rio GT Line.

    And we also heard, that it missing the dual exhaust tips and, it’s so hard to notice the changes

    Kia will put at this car, but we don’t think it will be a major change.

    To be honest, it would be pretty amazing if the B-segment hatchback is a GT version so that it can be

    A rival for the Ford Fiesta ST, and the Volkswagen Polo GTI, but we were just

    not seeing that happening any time soon.

    It would need to much time and money to spend on this model, and they don’t expect

    that it will have that much of a sale to cover this efforts and time.

    Let’s say that while the Kio is getting ready for its launch, Hyundai is preparing to

    enter its 3rd generation

    We got some photos at the next i20 last Nov and should be released later in 2020, with a hot i20 N

    severing as the Rio GT that Kia is unlikely to build

    Kia Rio 2021
    Kia Rio 2021