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BMW 7-Series 2020 is a Mix Between Sporty And Comfy

BMW 7-Series 2020, the latest BMW 7-Series has lots of new things at the 2020 model

Let’s say that they changed the front lights as long as he backlights, changed the powertrain to make it 6, 8, and 12-cylinder models.

They also add a new 6-cylinder engine for 7 series plug-in hybrid, they Also updated the interior techno

passive safety features and infotainment interface, it also has a part of, the sixth 7-Series generation introduced for 2016.

So, let’s talk about the new BMW 7-Series, the car has lots of good points on it which is pretty amazing,

So, let’s start talking about these good points, it has a very strong engine at every model it has, including a plug-in hybrid and a turbo V12

A standard adaptive air suspension that gives a comfortable ride can be fully controlled, has a very nice and big passenger space.

Lot of standard equipment, along with nice safety technology.

But, it still a ride and since it has a good point, it also has a bad point, and it’s our duty to you

that we can provide you with everything we have, so let’s start with that is don’t has a standard-length

wheelbase model available, doesn’t have a driver-focused benchmark it once had,

Expensive options menu.

BMW 7-Series 2020

BMW 7-series 2020 Review.

The BMW Cars Company going through all the boxes to get a flagship luxury sedan, like any other flagship

The team maker’s doing everything they can do put every single thing the buyer would need on this car, that’s what the flag ship is

A mark on the history of the BMW Models Company, they started with super amazing interior trimmed in high-quality materials.

Awesome attention to the details, tons of advanced techno features, a matrix of powertrains with immense power.

The sedan’s luxury flagship other defining characteristic with a price tag, and here the 7-Series which is have no different.

Our advice to someone who wanted to buy a BMW that he should aim for the top-trim M760i xDrive and add every available option on it.

With that you will get in total 180,000 $ sedan, but you still don’t want to go for the extreme, the base 7-Series


For this version of the BMW the 7-Series has a new look, starting with an amazing design

we can say it has a badass look

But It still depend on how you looking for the car.

All the 7-Series engines got an amazing upgrade, we noticed that is has a turbocharged V8 is the 750i trim

That makes a whopping 523 horsepower, which make it a 20% better than the last engine.

Our main problem here, the 7-Series is longer focused on the driver’s compostable and the interior luxury

Let’s say that they put some thing in favor of the other, so when they improved handling

I favor of increased of comfort.

But after all we can say that the 7-Seres still super amazing with lots of awesome performance

with all that huge interior

It remains a great car for a flagship luxury sedan.


The BMW 7-Seres Models and Prices.

There are 3 models of the 7-Seres 2020, the Basic and the Well Equipped and the Loaded

which is the highest of all 3 of them with tons of extra option.

  • Basic: 86,450 $
  • Well Equipped: 95,550 $
  • Loaded: 157,700 $
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