Ford Puma 2020 is a Tinny Devil at The Roads

Ford Puma 2020, this new vehicle from Ford launched at the streets on Eur, it’s a nice small, smart, style car

Now the title returns again at European roads, but let’s be honest not all the buyer will like this car

Those who like the original type of Ford, may not like it too much.

With this certainly a sign-of-the-times in which we live, Ford’s new design is full of options inside out

and they will show off with these options.

While we talk about, they showing off with the new option, let’s say that the car doesn’t have a huge surprise or something.

Ford Puma 2020
Ford Puma 2020

Ford Puma 2020.

Ford Puma 2020 Review.

the company checked the runabout few months ago, and it has nothing wrong with itsconnection to the new European-market Fiesta.

These 2 cars share underpinnings, and there’s plenty of Fiesta styling in the profile, the Puma getting more rounder

better front clip and of course the ride is a bit higher, so let’s say that any one gets comfy on the current fiesta.

Should be more then satisfied, it also offers 2 types, the Titanium trim or the ST-Line

and the latter of course, and also has a better sporty look from the outside.

Interior, Cargo Space.

Now let’s take a look inside the car, the interior on this car is pretty much normal until you reach the back seats

This little Puma car provides a hell of a nice space in the boot, it reaches 456 Liters

all total with the trick lower boot removed and the rear seats still up

This rectangular extra space under the normal floor at the vehicle’s backside has increased the space at this double.

It also has a drain hole to clean it easier, the floors stop right behind the back seats to give the truck as much space is it can get.

The Puma can be treated as a normal hatchback with the flat floor in-place and the back

seats can be closed for much extra space

It may not a super car or something but it still a pretty decent car for real.

Ford Puma 2020 Interior.

Since we talk about it, the car has lots of techno, despite the talks about the cruise control

it has an emergency braking

Along with a detector that can detect the walking people from the front or the back, and lane-keep assist.

The new Puma 2020 has a Ford’s CoPilot230 limited autonomous system which can help you in stop-and-go traffic

Also, it has a wide-view back camera, that allow you to see a 180-degree all around the car from the back.

The Ford Models Company declared that this Puma have a feature that its first of its kind, which is having both of the

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with no charge, it also has a nice 8-inch touchscreen that

you can command pretty much everything from it.

Along with another 12.3-inch digital screen, to show the drivers every thing he need from gas tank, speed, all that stuff.

Plus, a 10-speaker stereo is the range-topping sound system, and the extra bonus is that

you can get a messaging seat.

The vehicle’s power comes from a 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-Cylinder hooked to each other with a 48-volt mild hybrid system.


The painter isn’t excessively critical, that the 155bhp motor will a legitimate activity, especially as it’s torquey and adept. (The fragile half and half framework genuinely includes less weight than work an a lot greater motor would have.)

It’s worth firing up high on the grounds that the force continues expanding toward vi,400rpm, anyway unfortunately accordingly will the commotion.

The mellow half and half works completely as announced, making the motor drive kind of a bigger one, though as yet indicating breathtaking economy once you’re going delicately. moreover it will a great job of quick inactive stop in city,

killing the motor before you’ve halted, and restarts in a split second and as though by enchantment at the last minute before you wish it to pull away.

Ford Puma 2020.Interior
Ford Puma 2020.Interior

Ford Puma 2020 Prices.

The car costs 20,000 £ for the standard version and up to 27,000 £ for the modified version.


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