BMW M4 2021

    BMW M4 2021, the BMW company Blew up a new bomb with this car at September from the last year

    When a spy camera got these photos for the new M4, when the company gave us a new meaning of the 4th generation.

    Its not like we didn’t see it coming but it still such a new reveal and big news

    but we can’t decide if it’s a good new or bad news.

    With the camouflage, but we still can tell that is looks like the American version of a car, with these side reflectors.

    While the back and front have a parking sensor, and with that it releases a good point of a normal using car

    But looks like it has a hell more than that, but I guess we need to wait until the been fully

    released at the market.

    BMW M4 2021
    BMW M4 2021

    BMW M4 2021.

    MBW M4 2021 Overall.

    There are few people saying that, it will have darker green end, which it will be the

    first time at M3 and also at the M4.

    There is also news from a trusted source that the car is already painted at Sao Paulo Yellow (C4H codename).

    Which means another new hue set to use with the upcoming Md duo

    and it named after Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

    And announce the first non-metallic M color in more than 2 decades, with the last one being lmola Red.

    Let’s put the body color aside, from the M mirrors and the big brakes we can easily say that is M4

    not any normal car from 4-Series, the car has a quad exhaust which is giving us the

    most amazing thing we can see so far.

    In the meanwhile, the stiffer suspension setup, it reduced ride height in another

    telltale sign pointing towards

    At the direction of the M model because the BMW M models is pretty amazing and having

    lots of options even at the standard version.

    BMW M4 2021
    BMW M4 2021