2020 Fiat 124 spider


2020 Fiat 124 spider sets itself apart with styling cues plucked from the first version, creating for a considerably totally

different exterior look than the Miata. From behind the wheel,

the act may be a lot of relaxed strive against the Mazda, with a welcome reduction in interior noise thanks to further sound-deadening measures, higher-quality materials within,

a lot of powerful turbo engine, and slightly a lot of trunk house.
However, the engine lacks responsiveness,

and despite the additional power, is really slower than the Miata. And ensure you match, because, just like the Miata, the 124’s cabin is sort of compact.

Overall, it is an excellent little roadster that lives within the shadow of the even higher Miata

2020 Fiat 124 spider



All 124 Spider models accompany a turbocharged four-cylinder creating one hundred sixty power unit in Classica and Lusso models and 164 power unit within the Abarth.

It may be fun attempting to stay the 124’s engine on boil by perpetually operating the buttery six-speed manual (a six-speed automatic is optional),

however the nonlinear power delivery makes the task difficult.

a minimum of once unbroken within the middle of the vary, the act engine amuses with solid punch

and a brassy exhaust note.
At low engine speeds, the 1.4-liter has very little to administer, and its zest wears off well before the measuring device

needle hits separate.

Where the Toyota models veighty six and also the MX-5 Miata area unit autocross and track-day darlings,

the softer-handling act is that the tiny roadster to shop for if you range sunny-day cruises over track events.
The stiffer-sprung Abarth model is additional of associate degree eager very little scamp,

and each 124 edges from fast, feedback-rich steering and sensible body management once the road deviates from the straight and slim. The 124 Spider rides decent for alittle, flyweight roadster.

2020 Fiat 124 spider
2020 Fiat 124 spider

Fuel economy

Seeing as it’s light-weight and small—and hopped-up by a little engine—it’s no surprise that the decree earns sparkling fuel-economy estimates on the EPA’s take a look at cycle.

In our real-world main road fuel-economy take a look at, the 124 Spider with the manual transmission bested its main road EPA rating of thirty five mpg with a 39-mpg result.


2020 Fiat 124 spider interior
2020 Fiat 124 spider interior

Base-model 124 Spiders have manual climate controls, whereas Lusso and Abarth models gain automatic climate management and heated seats,
however do not expect several different luxuries. Cabin area is tight, particularly for drivers and passengers measurement

over six feet tall. The top, once raised, arcs tightly over the cabin, and therefore the little car window contributes to the interior’s confining nature.
a minimum of once the soft high i

closed behind the seats, because it ought to be as usually as possible—remember, this can be a roadster!—the sky is the limit on headroom.

If you were holding out hope that the 124 Spider would possibly swallow loading higher than it gulps 2 folks, dash that optimism here and currently.
The Spider encompasses a little trunk and barely any cabin storage for phones, knickknacks, and therefore the like. we tend to work only one carry-on bag within the Fiat’s trunk.

2020 Fiat 124 spider
2020 Fiat 124 spider


All 124 spiders ship with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
Also, users can operate the touchscreen via a center-console knob and its shares the infotainment software with the miata
The setup is straightforward and benefits shortcut buttons for audio, navigation,

and home menus placed around the control knob, Bluetooth, an auxiliary audio input and redundant steering-wheel audio

and phone controls are standard but the rest of the technology is rudimentary