Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020 The Best Van You Will Ever Dream About

Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020, today we are talking about the 2020 Mercedes van,

let’s say that it has been made to stay between the small and mid-size vehicle.

It has a nice space that you can use at what ever you want for, it doesn’t really matter if you want a passenger van

Or even an only a cargo van, it can provide you with what you want from both of them, its size is not to big

And it fit the city streets perfectly, and it also allow you to travel at the tight roads with no problem, I think you can imagine its size now.

In general, the vans are an amazing choice for those who are looking for strong towing and payload capability.

Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020
Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020

Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020.

Overall Review.

Let’s say that the Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020 van at the top ranks for this class in both areas, it only has

One tiny problem which is the price, the starting price for it is super higher than most of its rivals, like Ford Transit Connect.

Or even the Nissan NV200, but let’s be honest it’s more like a good deal, because you can use it

at some work with its amazing power performance and its utility with some works like
moving things or something like that.

If we talk about the updates at the 2020 version, we can say that I don’t have much of changes, but it still an amazing van.

The Models and its Price and which one to buy.

  • Cargo van, standard roof and 126-inch wheelbase: 32,585 $
  • Cargo van, standard roof and 135-inch wheelbase: 33,105 $
  • Passenger van, standard roof and 126-inch wheelbase: 36,775 $

Okay so as we said up there each model has its own purpose like If you are looking for a van you can use
it at work and moving heavy wights then you should pick the cargo van with the standard roof and 126-inch wheelbase
seventeen-inch steel wheels connect this van to the pavement, this model also has a

standard exterior feature which is sliding back passenger-side door

Along with automatic headlights, and of course split swing-out back cargo-access door.

And for the cabin itself, you will find a manually controlled air conditioning, front seats with four-way adjustability

A manually adjustable tiling steering column, and let’s not forget the Bluetooth connectivity.

In my opinion I would recommend the buyer to add the premium safety package that will cost like 1810$

But its totally worth it, the package includes features suck as blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance

Along with an automated emergency braking, and let’s not forget the heated power-adjustable sideview mirrors.

With this package included, the Metris cargo van with a standard roof and 126-inch wheelbase has a total price of 34,395 $

The Comfort, Interior, and Cargo.

Let’s talk here about the Metris passenger van, this one can seat up to 8 passengers,

which is the highest number

Of seats at any van it even has one more seat then the Ford Transit connect,

with all type of the Metris vans

We can say that the cabin isn’t plush as that of the typical Mercedes, but the design is pretty amazing

And the accommodations offer has a reasonable kind of degree if we talk about the comfort, and we can say

That the Mercedes Models Company did a great job of keeping the noise out of the cabin,

the driver barley hears anything from the road noise, and that’s another point the Mercedes Benz Metris

proved it self as the top of the list for this quite interior, the other rivals can’t get it at

the highway travel, but the Metris did.

Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020.Interior
Mercedes-Benz Metris 2020.Interior