BMW i3 2020

2020 BMW i3, while you drive and amazing electric car and no one notices it, well that’s makes any one feels bad

Since most of us driving it to get some attention, I mean its not the main reason of course

but we still like to get some extra credit.

Well, today we are talking about a nice small electric car which is i3 model from BMW for this year (2020)

We can say that the car doesn’t look like a normal electric car, it’s a small vehicle but its looks like it’s a normal car

2020 BMW i3.

Quick Review for BMW i3 2020.

BMW Models Company made this car like a (clown car) which is small from the outside with a very nice and large interior.

The car has very nice interior, it has a space, a luxury look, and nice smooth driving system.

The car has a standard all-electric rear-drive powertrain which gives the car a charge that let it

move for 153 miles which is an amazing distance at 1 charge only, the car also has a super amazing option

which is having a gas-tank along with the charging battery, and that amazing option for those people whose

a fried using it at long trips and traveling, so when you have a really long trip or

a really distance to finish

you should fully charge it AND fully filling it with gas, with that way you don’t have

anything also to fear.

There is lots of its rivals at the market right now but they have a lot less then its options

such as Tesla Model 3.

Which cost more money but gives less range per charge, so I believe that the BMW win time to.

BMW i3 2020
BMW i3 2020

New options at 2020 version.

To be honest with you guys the new version of i3 doesn’t have much to offer as a new change,

Even so the new previous version of it had a bigger battery pack along with a nice driving range.

The models and its prices.

the i3 car has only 2 models along with some thing we call (range extender) which is having

A lot more range of the standard one, so it has (i3) model and (i3s).

  • i3: 46,000 $
  • i3s: 49,000 $
  • i3 with Range Extender: 49,500 $
  • i3s with Range Extender: 53,000 $

like I said earlier the car has 2 type of version that gas-tank and battery charge, so like I said earlier if you

are a fan of traveling and road trips I would recommend to you the Range Extender version,

but I still don’t recommend the i3 in general as a road trip lover, the i3 is more like a daily drive car its

not for long trips car, its comfy and nice and all but it’s not a long-distance car, buts still a very fun car to drive

Interior, Cargo, And Comfort.

So, the car has lots of nice options such as heated front seats and navigation in addition to the exclusive

Brown leather and grey cloth upholstery, along with a very crafted interior.

At the driver cabin it has an open that allow the air to go through, for the front seats its super comfy

But for the back seats not so much, after all it’s a hatchback car so I should be a little

small at the

back seats and for its cargo space it has a very nice space back there and its can

take lots of things on it

BMW i3 2020.Interior
BMW i3 2020.Interior